What do you own in your life?

Watch what you say … it could change your life.

As I was saying, every day like the tide, we are experiencing situations that come at us all the time or … less frequently there are the “Surprise Situations, sort of like a sudden storm. Each of these need to be addressed but how do we handle them with grace. How do we complete regular tasks like our jobs, paying our bills, cleaning the house or washing our clothes simply and easily so we can Re-Engage with our “REAL” life … our Real living?

Often the things that are most important to us, like our significant other and our family, get neglected or just left behind because these Splashes take so much of our time and focus.

In our minds we are simply taking care of things in the name of taking care of our family. If this is true, then why are so many people relationships suffering?

The major bread winner is always working late. Someone has to take care of the children and see that all their needs are met in a way that makes them feel loved and cared for. Who cleans the house, pays the bills, takes out the garbage, cooks for the family? How do all of these Splashes of Reality get taken care of without taking us away from the people we love?

My question is this …

How do we get back to living the life we wanted at the beginning of this journey?

The answer is not simple and yet many people are actually engaged in living a wonderful life every day. The Splashes still occur and yet they can be handled in a way that everyone feels fulfilled.

We have to start asking ourselves these questions or the media will distract us into thinking that all is lost so we end up angry instead of happy.

I like what Lynda Madden Dahl talks about in her books “Living a Safe Universe”. She has written several books on the subject. This is the right direction we should be aiming our thoughts and our lives because, our beliefs and our values actually attract our stream of thought.

Since our thoughts are where we live and because the thoughts we have generate our actions and our behaviors, naturally our behavior creates our life. I know you see the connection here but not many people take this seriously. They don’t actively monitor their thoughts or for that matter they don’t monitor what they say and how they say it.

How do we improve our thoughts? I believe we start with being aware of the words we use most of the time. What we say will affect our energy.

If you experience a cold for example how are you thinking about it?

My cold” … “This cold” … “That cold” … Or even … “The cold” which makes it loom as bigger than life. Bah-buuuuuuuuum. Giant cold, danger, danger.

Subtle as is may seem, it makes a HUGE difference when you add up ALL of the negative Splashes that occur. Every time we take mental and emotional ownership of a negative situation in our lives, regardless of whether or not it is happening right now, this emotional ownership creates a connection to our overall well being.

You have heard the word disassociation probably. Well, the idea here is to emotionally “disassociate” or “distance” yourself emotionally from every negative thing in your life and to “Associate” or “bring it closer to” yourself with every positive situation in your life.

Think about these basic examples and how you FEEL when you think these words:

My cold is killing me … This cold is killing me … That cold is killing me.

My job is driving me crazy ….This job is driving me crazy …That job is driving me crazy.

I love this house … I love that house … I love My house.

Small changes … true … and yet each small change of wording is in itself very powerful. When you associate with any situation in your mind using “My” or “This” … you bring it closer. Believe me, you want to distance yourself from negative feelings by using a word like “That”, meaning the one over there, the one that is not close to me.

Plus you want to bring ALL those things that are desirable closer to you by choosing your words in a way that you automatically think and feel better about good things. When you think or speak words they DO affect you. They change, or better yet, they direct your subconscious, your feelings and your emotions.

Let’s say you have a house you love for example. When you tell yourself or someone else about it, what do you say? I love that house … or … do you say … I love this house or … I love my house? Pride of ownership. Think about the word “Ownership”. What do you emotionally own in your life? Do you take ownership of things that are good and bad, or do you take ownership of just the good. Focus on the good and let someone else own the bad.

The emotional ownership of our realities is hidden in the simple words we use everyday. We do no become what we perceive…”What We Perceive … Is What We Are

If you say “that’s a bunch of buh-low-knee” (actual spelling: bologna), well … check your perimeter. What’s actually going on every day with your life? Are you happy? Would you say you are “Living in The Magic of Life”?

I’m just sayin’.

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