Where are you headed?

Where are you headed?

You will recall from history that there was a time when the world was flat and if you believed otherwise it was called nuts.

I would like to pose some questions along lines that I believe follow a path of growth toward possibilities of enlightenment.

Shouldn’t we all be seeking enlightenment, an expansion of our consciousness and our understanding of what life is?

Please remember these are ONLY QUESTIONS. Nothing to be afraid of here. After all, I would like to know the answer to this question: “How Big is our God, really?”

We try to humanize everything. We tend to see things only from our own position in reality. We want to give everything the same feelings that we have. We want to give everything a personality. Remember the famous comic writer Gary Larson and his series “The Far Side”. You get the picture.

The questions that follow will reach out further in an effort to open our thinking to the possibility that we are here for more than just living day to day and for more than just accumulating stuff. What’s the old saying, ”The one who dies with the most stuff wins.”? I don’t buy that.

When it comes to spirituality, I have read the bible several times and I have studied the bible in depth for years. I have read countless books on almost every subject that relates to Self Help, Spirituality, Management, Meditation, and the list goes on. I have given speeches in front of many people who were just like me, wanting to get in touch with a higher power that they could trust to be there when they asked for help. Well, after 71 years of living, my learning has taken me through many churches, many love offerings, and many different kinds teachings and doctrine.

What if what actually happens is this, “We create our own reality”?

What if we each have our own guardian angel that is actually a part of us, not separate. What if we are actually connected to “God/The Universe/All That Is”, whatever you choose to call this life giving energy? What if actually, we do live forever moving to other continual growth and understanding realities?

What if we are here in this physical reality for 1 reason … to learn how to use our energies in the proper way, to attract the realities we want? What if we are here to learn how we attract our personal reality and that the present moment is all we have to make things happen? What if we have to learn how to do this correctly before we can move on to another reality?

What if in order to completely learn “The Way”, when we die, we are reincarnated over and over until we have learned how to successfully attract what we intend, what is good and to gain a great understanding of the bible verse “As a man believes in his heart, so is he” kind of life.

Think about these words from here on, Love and Grace. What if our spirit chooses the circumstances we will be born into, before we are born, so that we can fulfill our learning process completely while in physical reality?

What if … this will catch you off guard … what if each time we are reincarnated we come back as a person of a different gender or even a different race. How fair would this kind of God be in his design of any Universe. Think of this: as we live our many lives … what if in our past we have been black, white, yellow, red, male, female … until we GET IT, until we get that we are all connected, that we are all the same. Love and Grace would reign. Peace would be the norm. How kool is a God/Universe Energy like this … to expose us to everything, to truly understand Love and Grace. This would all be for one reason, so that when we do move on, we are actually more like God/Universal Energy/Love … we understand…we are truly loving to ALL MANKIND, each and every person, each race, color and creed, male or female.

What does is mean to “BE” Grace and Love? Quantum Physics has determined that there may be many many other universes and realities. Just ask yourself: what if this is true? Doesn’t this sound more like an all powerful God, rather than seeing him through our limited thinking and the personal agendas we feel each day in this reality?

What if we are here to learn how to use our energy in the proper way. Not the way that someone else tells us to see reality, but the way of “Best Practices” when it comes to designing a Universe. What if everything does come to us through the “Law of Attraction”. The law that says “You attract into your life what you are in your heart”, what you believe, what you own “Emotionally”. How fair is this idea…..to take FULL responsibility for everything in our lives? There is no one to blame. It’s too easy to blame someone else or to blame circumstances for our problems. And yet it creates hardship on us if we do not understand how this actually works. How many bad choices have we made in learning how to find “The Way”, our path to true enlightenment?

As J. Martin Kohe wrote in his popular book: “Your Greatest Power” is our God Given power to choose at each moment, which direction or path to take. Every event we encounter along the way is a direct result of our own choices. If this is true then who or what can we blame when things go off the rails?

I believe that we do create our own reality. Check your perimeter, how was your day? Did you blame someone else for something that happened to you today or do you take responsibility for your life? Who in your life have you changed in order for you to be happy? Some people only complain…thinking that the world needs to change in order for them to be happy. Do you believe that the whole world has to change for you to be happy? You may want to rethink that.

I’m jus’ sayin’... Russell

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