Release your brakes …….. and take off.

I believe “Optimistic Visualization” is the most important key to our life’s happiness, our life’s success.

Are you standing on the brink of what you visualize coming … with a feeling of impatience, doubt or unworthiness, or are you feeling an eager and hopeful anticipation for the future.

Unworthy comes in many packages – Who am I to think I can do that? I’ve never really done anything great so what makes me think I can now? I did something in the past that I do not feel good about and I am going to punish myself for it … forever.

Don’t feel crazy here. Everyone has made mistakes in the past. It’s how we feel about it that holds us back. Those bad emotions / feelings are like parking brakes on our life. We each have all these powerful innate abilities that we are yet to discover and I am suggesting that we release our emotional parking brakes.

We can punish ourselves forever, justifying our failure with a feeling of unworthiness, BUT, I believe we each have been given the gift of life in order to learn how to live it well. The way to begin doing this is to focus in our minds on the good that we want to happen.

No matter how bad things get, I believe living a happy life is better than not. I believe that living a happy life comes from ALWAYS maintaining a feeling of hope. Hope is what can keep your spirits high. No one wants to be around a sourpuss: (bad tempered or habitually sullen person).

Think about the people in your life who you love to be around because they make you feel better about yourself. I believe we should all try to feel better about ourselves … all the time … and help others feel good about themselves by being fun to be with too.
Girlfriend or boyfriend? Want to be around them when they are smiling, happy, fun loving? Go ahead … say it … YEEEES.

Why would anyone want to live this life being unhappy? I personally want to attract nothing but happiness into my life. Of course this is not easy … but … I WANT to always feel happy.

Zig Ziglar use to answer the phone with this (paraphrased): “Good morning. It’s a great day here at Ziglar Enterprises. How can I help you?”. The person on the other end of the phone asked him once, “Do you really always feel that good” and to this he responded with, “Noooooooo … but I Want toooo.”

Tony Robbins told me, and I am paraphrasing, “if you want to change the way you feel, get up and do something fun. Allow your day to unfold differently, positively. Physical motion … will change how you feel.”

Things may not always turn out the way we want them to but that should not stop us from visualizing better outcomes. One thing is for sure, worry and doubt will not help the situation come out better. We must visualize things turning out the way we want them to.

Can you imagine hearing your favorite football team interviews going like this: Well we aren’t sure we can win today. The quarterback is too good for us. I’m not feeling optimistic about today’s game. On and on …

Well … do you know anyone who has their own personal interview that sounds like that … every day? Anyone at all?

The key here is to be eagerly visualizing what you want to have happen in your life. We will do it for a football game … so why not start by saying to yourself: Horaaaaaay for ourside … Horaaaaaay for my side … I can win this thing … I can get the girl of my dreams … I can pass that test … I can do this!!!

With this attitude you will be amazed how many good things start happening in your life. Amazed!

You can change your response to the past and your feelings about it by re-visualizing the past … visualize the experience in a way that you would like for it to have unfolded.

Maybe the event didn’t unfold the way you wanted it to or in the best way possible, but if you can do this just before you go to sleep at night: clearly picture the experience as having unfolded in a different way, a better way, a way that you would like for the event to have happened.

You will be amazed to discover that you can literally change the way you feel about the event. The way we feel is what affects our thoughts and as I have said before, our thoughts create our behavior and behavior creates our life.

I know this to be true because I have done this many times. I have experienced the uplifting energy change, I have changed the way I feel so that I can get past … the past.

What are the benefits that automatically come with the good feelings? For most people, EVERYTHING gets better. Who wouldn’t want everything to feel better? It’s not what happened that matters as much as how we either react or how we respond to what happened. There is a big difference here.

In the medical field you do not want to experience a reaction to treatment, you want to hear the doctor tell your loved ones that you are beginning to respond well to the treatment.

When you feel better or at the very least have a smile on your face, then people want to be around you; your work goes better; your boss sees you in a better light. Want a raise? Do you believe that sourpuss is less likely to get that raise?

I believe we are not here just to accumulate stuff … although accumulation is part of life. I believe we are here primarily to learn how to use our energies and our intentions in a way that our lives unfold not by accident but more and more on purpose.
Want to take control of your life? Start with picturing better and better outcomes for yourself. Do this every day / every night.

I’m jus’ sayin’

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