Is the world coming to an end?

Personally … I do not think so.

Are you allowing the media and the news channels to put fear and doubt and worry in your mind every day? Do you worry every day about what MAY happen next … trying to take measures to insure this or that doesn’t happen … or doesn’t happen again? Or … are you imagining good things happening? Are you … “Visualizing” … good things happening?

I read somewhere that over 90 percent of what we worry about will never happen but we are all trying to prevent anything from happening. Well I believe that Bruce Lee was right, he said, and I am paraphrasing here, that most marshal arts teachings are so strict and so structured that they leave out the natural fluid nature of the fight. We try to structure our lives in an effort to control everything … and we miss out on the natural discipline of mature spontaneity. Knowing what is right and wrong and then choosing spontaneously the right path. If we believe in ourselves we will make better choices and better choices and better choices … leading us to a more fulfilled life and a path of winning.

Do you take responsibility for your own life … every day? Or do you blame others for your problems? Can you handle this responsibility?

Well … truth is … who are you going to blame? The media would lead us down a self destructive path and make us believe that all is lost and that the government or your neighbor or SOMEBODY, other than yourself, is to blame.

What you believe to be true … will in all probability … be true for you. And when the self fulfilling prophecy comes true you can say … see … I knew that would happen.

If you have read the Bible you probably recall what Job said. “For the thing I feared has overtaken me, and what I dreaded has befallen me”.
What about this one … “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. I am not talking about religion here. I am talking about how our belief system works according to every great thinker. What we believe to be true, usually will end up being true. Think you are sick and you will inevitably get sick.

I like what W. Clement Stone told me to say to myself every morning. By the way he married his high school sweetheart in 1923 and they were still married when he passed away in 2002. He lived to over 100 years old and was also wealthy when he died. He instructed me to say it several times in a loud voice while standing in front of a mirror:
“I FEEEEL HEALTHY … I FEEEEEL HAPPY … I FEEEEEL TERRRRRIFIC”! You know what … I have always chosen to believe him.

Wow…What do you think? Should we use our imagination for good rather than bad thoughts? Of course we should. I read a great line the other day while walking through an open house, ”Worry, Fear and Doubt are the misuse of our imagination”. Worry, fear, doubt and any feeling of unworthiness causes us to make choices that lead us down the wrong road. We actually have the choice we can make in either direction but we have to be aware of the choice and then consciously make it.

All we have are our choices and they lead us to our behavior. And you … like me … know that behavior creates EVERYTHING in our lives. Let’s picture good things happening instead.

The Bible is not a book of despair but a book of hope. You may recall this line “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Now put that to the test with this question: what do you believe to be true in your life? How do you see the world?

My belief is that we are here to learn how our energies and emotion coupled with our imagination actually creates our lives. Become aware of how life actually works … after all … this is why we are here.

Pay attention in your mind to every little thank you, every time someone let you into traffic, every time someone opened a door, every time someone did something kind, just being polite … every loan approved … every raise someone received … EVERY EVERYTHING. Think about this: do you do a kind act at least 1 time per day … just one thank you or just one door opened, or maybe you pick up a sandwich for someone else when you go for lunch, just one anything nice.

Now … multiply that by everyone on the planet … (as of 2020 it is estimated to be 7.8 billion) Now extrapolate that out for just one year … that comes to … let me see … oh yes … here it is: 2,774,000,000,000.

Let me say that out loud so I can really get it:

In just one year, one nice act per day by each person on the planet comes to Two Trillion, Seven Hundred and Seventy Four Billion, nice things that happen.. In just one year. That’s just one nice act per day. Even the so called Bad Guys do nice things for their buddies once in a while. I’m not even including all the nice things that animals do for each other daily. Feeding their young, taking care of them. If you really think about it the planet is built and is maintained on love. This is where we need to be. Want me to stretch the numbers out to two years or ten years?

You may be saying … OK … No need … we all get it. You are going way overboard now!

So .. How many nice things do you do every day? One … two … multiple?

Now subtract every bad event you saw or heard through the news including the number of people involved.

Even if you do this for every bad thing that happens around the entire world, the difference in the numbers is staggering … there are many – many – many – many – many more good things that happen than bad things.

The news makes you crazy insane over their major focus of the world getting worse on the way to coming to an end. Waaaaaaaaaaaay more people are living a nice day than a horrible, life destructive, world ending day.

When you walk through your day – open your eyes and ears … open your life … to everything that is happening throughout your days. Sure, everyone has difficulties in addition to the good things. But if you keep in mind what the thought leaders of history have taught us,

“You create your own reality”. Our greatest power is the God given “Ability to choose” in everything we do. What choices have you made today that would have had a better outcome if you made another choice?

Ask yourself if you feel the fear spreading…


We can all wake up from the nightmare created by the media. negative friends or associates.
Believe this to be true …

we are living in the greatest time in history to have ever lived…
right now…
this decade…
this minute…
this instant.

Be aware of how great life is and it will feel that way.
Joy is something you deserve to experience EVERY DAY … ALL THE TIME.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell


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