Do you feel life is unfair … OR?

… From a big picture perspective … is life simply experience from which to learn and grow?

Take a good look at the pictures above. See if you can feel the difference in energy when going from impatient and worried to happy and optimistic? What do you think the worried people above are picturing / visualizing? What do you think the others are thinking and feeling? Can we choose these at will?

Years ago a friend taught me to use this frame of mind when something goes wrong” He says, “I always look at a bad situation like this, “WHOA… SOMETHING GOOD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!”. Now he spends his days looking for the good things in life.

Discovering long ago that I create my own life and that this present moment is my only point of power has changed my life.

NOW is the only time I can do anything … about anything.

I found that this is a powerful mental and emotional stance to take in my life. If I believe that I create my own life, and that every little detail or experience that comes to me is because of who I am, then I am in a much better position to improve anything in my life … everything about my life.

The reality is this: we cannot blame anyone else for our life not turning out the way we want it to. We must take personal responsibility for everything we experience. And … yes … it takes effort. But, an optimistic outlook (visualization) is waaaaaaaay better than suffering with what you get otherwise.

And if we can replace our use of terms like “This is unfair” or “I don’t deserve this” and instead ask ourselves, “What can I change in my thinking and behavior that will improve this situation?”, NOW we can realize that they are merely our individual negative reaction to experience, then we open up many more GOOD POSSIBILITIES for ourselves. We can NOW see any of life’s undesirable situations not as problems but as opportunities.
To me the real meaning of success is living a life filled with joy and love. Surely accumulation of stuff is part of life but many say that without joy and love, accumulation of stuff is not the definition of success.

When the planes were coming down on 09/11, the calls out were not about wishing they closed one more deal or made more money, they were calls to loved ones … to people … not about things.

I believe that when we look at any of our life situations, good or bad, as a feedback mechanism called experience then the “Magic of Life” becomes more accessible to us.
Our life mechanisms operate based on need or desire.

Let’s take a look at some simple examples of how this works.

Manual labor requires strength and calluses on our hands. In order to get strength we need to stress our muscles. In order to get calluses we will need to go through blisters. Manual labor will cause blisters that will then automatically turn into calluses.

Strong callused hands give us the ability to do manual labor more comfortably and for longer periods of time. Yes there is some discomfort as you begin but the knowledge that what we need will be given to us is where we begin to build self confidence in our life. This is the confidence of knowing that you can accomplish much more than you may currently give yourself credit for.

So what is required: Begin to do the work and the benefit of calluses and strength is given to us.

To build our muscles we start by exercising. Exercise literally tears down our muscles but then the life force in our body rebuilds the muscles even stronger.
Look at it like Supply and Demand. The demand (desire) occurs first, then the supply or (answers) will follow … automatically.

This is the “Ask and it shall be given to you” characteristic of life.

Another way to relate to this is … through need or desire our spirit is reaching out into the Universe for assistance and then the specific biological or emotional energy comes back with what we need.

When we realize this is how life works, then we do not complain or try to place blame elsewhere for things not going our way. Instead we simply challenge ourselves to keep at it. That through this growing confidence we believe the necessary … knowledge or answers … will come automatically.

There’s that faith related word again: “Believe” Faith does not have to be religious, although it is most often discussed in those terms. Faith is a knowing how life works and using the tools long enough to actually get it. To feel comfortable in your own skin. Confidence in your continued growth toward true happiness.

We all want to live in the “Magic of Life” but the daily responsibilities that we carry as adults can distract us from how great life can be. It’s not what happens in life, but how you take it, what you emotionally do with each situation. Do you react … or … do you respond? There is a big difference. Reaction is usually associated with things like this: “the patient had a reaction to the treatment”. The one you want to hear is this: “The patient is responding to the treatment”.

It is a powerful shift in perspective. If we can make the shift, this allows us to release our own brakes. The three root emotional parking brakes for us, which lead to negative emotions like anger, hatred, frustration and the like are: Impatience, Doubt or any Feeling of Unworthiness. As we begin to see and feel life situations not as problems but as experience, as opportunities, then we become better equipped to pull the best out of ourselves. Actually a more correct direction of thought is this: We become better conduits for positive life energy to flow through us in favor of our desires. Wow!

I have found in the past that when I’m thinking: “I can do this” or “I believe I’m going to be able to handle this well” or when I am confident in myself and optimistic about the outcome, then I perform better than if I am worried or doubtful. Simply stated, confidence can show up in any situation simply by believing in the mechanisms of life and how they work. By taking that “leap of faith” that gets us started in the direction of our visualized ideal or goal.

This confidence can be expressed simply as the eager and optimistic feeling that life will unfold in your favor. When you begin this kind of thinking and get results like the ones we have discussed, your confidence in your own life will begin to build and build to the point where nothing can shake you. This is where you are headed.

You will often find yourself learning the details of how to make the best happen … along the way. Starting with a “What if Up” frame of mind will attract a better outcome than worry or doubt.

So… Check your perimeter. What are you visualizing all day long, bad outcomes or good outcomes? Are you taking this great tool for granted or are you trying to use it all the time?

See and feel the pictured outcome as though it has already happened. Rather than thinking of your goal, Visualize FROM your goal. See yourself sitting in that specific car. See the color, feel the seat under you, what does that new car smell like, mentally see your hands hold the steering wheel. Get the picture here? Be as specific as you can. You will begin to feel that tingle that comes with hope and expectation. Use this tingle … it’s part of the joy of living.

Another way to help your visualizations is to go to the the car lot for example and sit in the car you REALLY REALLY want. Touch it, smell it, even drive it. Don’t worry that you may not be able to afford that one yet… the important thing is to feel the tingles when you think about the car any time during the day. If you feel uncomfortable taking to a salesman before you can buy the car, then go after hours and look at the car and touch the car you want. Talk about free emotional fuel. Creativity, energy, ideas… all this comes for free when you do this kind of dreaming.

Many years ago my wife and I would drive up to our favorite furniture store on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, FL. We did this every time we passed it. Often it was after work and it would be dark. So we shined the headlights into the showroom where “Our Furniture” was sitting. We picked out a specific bedroom suit. BTW this was back in 1980. It took 4 years to happen but then one day we walked into the store during business hours. We walked up to the salesman and pointed to what we wanted and said “We want that, and that, and that, and that”. We wrote a check for the full amount – $8,000. The furniture was delivered the next day. Wow!

Since then we have done this with cars, houses, TVs, clothes, travel and much more. This works. Prove it to yourself. You will be glad you did.

What if…?
Oh no… not the “What if Questions Again”.

Stick with me here…
What if we went into every situation with the expectancy of a positive outcome? What are the possibilities for improved results in every area of our lives?
We often do not think of how life life works because we are trying to take care of all the details we are responsible for daily.

Stop for a minute before every situation and visualize the outcome you want. Stick with it and as your inner foundational belief adjusts to this more optimistic view, prepare to be amazed.

Ever heard one of these phrases? “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” Or “Whatsoever you believe in your heart, so shall it be done unto you”.

Recommended reading: As a Man Thinketh – by James Allen.

Experience shows up as the feedback for how we see life at this moment. This feedback shows us through our personal circumstances how our thoughts, behavior and conversation have directed our every move.

How would you feel if your favorite sports star was being interviewed before an important game and he/she said: We may not be good enough to win today … or … we aren’t working as a team lately? Would you expect the game to turn out favorably? Would you even watch the game?

How can we expect to do well if in the moments before we are put in the game or decide to get in the game, if we begin by saying these types of things about ourselves every day?

“What if Up Thinking” comes from the knowledge that “The Universe IS Pulling For You”. This is part of what Lynda Madden Dahl calls “Living A Safe Universe”.

Life mechanisms work as because of our connection to God / All That Is / The Universe, whatever you personally call this. I believe that when we trust this connection, “The Magic of Life” will begin to show up more often in our lives.

I said before that doubt and worry are a misuse of our imagination. I believe we can choose to see things going bad or we can choose to visualize things going well for us. Personally I choose to visualize good outcomes, even in the heat of the battle.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

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