What’s it gonna take for us to realize that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED?

So … what do you think? What will it take for us to realize as a human race that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED? What kind of catalyst do we need to bring us all together?

Movies portray Extinction Level Events, attacks on humanity as a whole, which always, at least in the movie, bring us together. (Aliens, viruses, terrorists, asteroids, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves and more).

Why does it seem to take a destruction level event for us to come together and to realize that we are in this life together, that we share this life? What affects you, effects me too.

Here is a kool concept that has been previously mentioned here on SplashesOfReality.com:

There are many armchair quarterbacks in the world with strong opinions of what someone else is doing incorrectly, but, ask yourself this question: If you were God, how would you design a perfect Universe? According to the vast majority of religions … this Universe … should be all encompassing covering everything and everyone, full of grace, compassion and love.

Consider the question of reincarnation: and remember … these are only questions … nothing to fear here.

What if we experience reincarnation each time we “Pass”? What if our Spirit / Soul / Entity is on an eternal journey of growth working to have complete understanding of what life is all about and what if we reincarnate over and over until we “GET IT”?

This is how our life seems to work while we are here in physical reality now … right? When you fall off of a horse … what is the saying … oh yeah … get right back on the horse to overcome fear.

Same is true of learning anything new, keep trying until you get it.
Important rule: You must treat yourself kindly when you are learning something new. Impatience, doubt or any feeling of unworthiness will hold you back from your true potential in any discipline.

You can learn anything when you are given enough time to try and try again. Life lessons don’t always come easily but they will come if you stick with it … and … a Universe that includes reincarnations is one way to insure everyone sticks with it … if you’re designing a Universe that is.

The rest of this concept is tied up in areas that many people don’t even consider. This is the “What If Question” that we should be asking: what if, as part of this New Universe Design, we are given the opportunity to experience everything in physical reality which would include being male, being female, being black, white, yellow, red, having children, having no children, being rich or being poor?

NOW … if this were a possibliity … then … looking back on all those lives … what is your assessment of this whole concept of being connected to everyone, knowing where they are coming from, being the same in other words?

After thinking about this concept a little, how does it feel now when you look at a person of a different color or a person of a different sex? Do you feel that you can relate to anyone given your new found empathy? Of course you don’t currently recall any of these past lives, however, what if you believed this was a possibility, that life was this vast. After all … what do we really know about how God does things?

So … let’s assume for the sake of this discussion that this is all true. NOW … how do we treat other people everyday? What changes would we see in the world if we each felt like everyone is a friend, someone who, like you, has experienced what it’s like to be black, white, red, yellow, male, female … someone you care about like a friend?

Here is a little example: Suppose you are at a sports event, someone sitting beside you in the stands cheering for your team … right? Someone is eating a hot dog and coke just like you or wearing your favorite team’s jersey, or better yet, wearing your favorite player’s number/jersey, the one you have on now …. say for example … the Number 12. So we find that there is an easy relationship built based on something this simple.

It’s easy to laugh and cheer together … right? You may even invite them, or they you, to go get a bite to eat together after the game. You may even find that you now have a new friend and begin to stay in touch and go to other events together. All because of this simple concept of feeling like you have so much in common.

When there is something in common this works everywhere in life. As I said before, even bad guys do nice things for their buddies, other people they feel can understand them.

So the question is really this I guess; what other thinking would it take to get to a place where we all care about each other?

Maybe ownership is the driving force in battles of any kind. Maybe it’s pride, maybe it’s fear of loss, doubt about our own worth … on and on? Is this concept a stretch for our imagination? What if this is actually how the Universe works? WOW! How many people are gonna be surprised to find this out when they pass?

Maybe we can start coming together more if there are more catastrophic events that threaten all of humanity … OR … maybe we just create more programs that begin to reach across the emotional lines of male and female, race and color, rich and poor, and start to move toward more of what Martin Luther King’s dream was all about.

His “I Have A Dream Today” speech included this: “That as a nation we can live by the creed; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. Is this possible? Is this at all realistic?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches that all of their tools are designed to work for a more open communication between people, to build relationships and toward outcomes where everyone is benefited.

Each of us individually must make the behavioral call that we will treat everyone with compassion and fairness. That we will exercise patience for others realizing that we each have portions of our lives that still need improving. Until we learn the right way to live, is it possible for us to treat ourselves and others kindly.

When can we begin today to look at everyone with the eyes of acceptance for who they are right now, another fellow traveler on Planet Earth, someone just like you? They have Hopes and Dreams, just like you.

This doesn’t mean we have to allow others to treat us badly. It just means we begin to have compassion for others … and … if need be … at a distance. But understanding and allowing others to be who they are right now, because we are who we are right now, will give us much greater joy in life because we will be reducing judgment, fear, doubt and any feeling of unworthiness.

When we can at least diminish Fear … Doubt … Impatience … Feelings of Unworthiness, we will experience more love and happiness, success and abundance than every before in our lives.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

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