Feelings … and … Emotions

What if FEELINGS are the biological representation of emotions and EMOTIONS are the part of our spirit that we can direct with visualization. Feelings and Emotions are connected in a way that allows us to use them on purpose.

Try this … you can change how you feel if you change your physical situation … get up and move … do something fun or different … this strategy is what Neuro Linquistics Programming (NLP) calls a pattern interrupt.

(NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programing – The objective study of subjective experience, or, how we organize our thoughts around our beliefs and values.) You can take your life’s temperature so to speak by examining how you feel at any moment of the day. Are you pessimistic or optimistic? These tones reveal your overall emotional makeup. Pay attention to how you feel … and … if it’s not ideal … change to a more positive outlook. Give yourself a Pattern Interrupt by doing something to interrupt what you are feeling. Clean something, fix something, send a nice note to someone you love … anything to change your current perspective.

You can distract yourself from your current train of thought with this Pattern Interrupt Concept and this will change how you feel. Notice that with the change in feelings, your emotions will have changed as well. If you pay attention to your emotions and how you feel you can gain insights into how you are directly affecting your daily life … and … you can do something about it.

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

We each have to insure we never get locked in irons, and that we keep moving, either physically or emotionally.

Locked in irons is what a sailboat is called when it is sitting still in the water because there is no wind to fill the sails … (or emotionally … no good thoughts to fill the mind … emotionally locked in irons).

In the old days of wooden ships, that did not have a motor, they were literally at the mercy of the wind and with zero wind, then … you get it … “Locked in irons”.
Feelin’ poorly or depressed … move, get up and do something. Do not allow yourself to stay locked in irons. It can be as simple as taking a shower, cleaning something in the house, putting a load of clothes in the wash or go outside for a walk in nature. Do not sit or lay there, move! … row your own boat.

I promise you that the sooner you do this you will be allowing your day to unfold differently.

Emotions are the part of us that we can direct toward our desires. The more intensity / emotion we can send out then the more rapidly we initiate the manifestation of a given situation or desire into our lives.

When we think of something we want to happen in our life we can intensify our emotions by creating detailed and vivid mental pictures of that good outcome. These thoughts and mental pictures change our feelings (biology / electromagnet energy / vibrations) which makes everything happen in the Universe.

Stick with me here …

Our energy and our thoughts go out from us in all directions as an electromagnet vibration that penetrates everything. It radiates out through foliage, buildings, the earth, and out into space. Simply put … our thoughts, accompanied by strong emotion, go everywhere all at once. As our thoughts go out, they impact everything in subtle ways that are usually unrecognized by us … (unless we are paying attention).

Have you every been going about your day and all of a sudden you think of a person you haven’t heard from in a while? Your thoughts go to fond memories. You mentally reach out to them. You see them in your mind. Then out of the blue they call you or you get a text from them?

There are many other events that could be recognized if we allow ourselves to believe in a life and reality that is much bigger than our everyday events.

For example … This happened to my wife Barbara. There was a Flight to Miami that she took every month. The flight was early in the morning, the exact same flight she took every time she went to Miami. On that day she had a ticket and was scheduled to board that flight. For some reason she missed the plane and ended up staying home for the day. The small plane with 8 passengers crashed and everyone was killed. We found out about the crash when the person at the other end of the flight called to see if she was alright. Her company called to see if she was alright. She was.


A huge bridge collapsed during rush hour because a ship hit the pilings. A lot of people died. The bridge was at the mouth of Tampa Bay, Florida. Barbara was scheduled to drive across the Skyway bridge on the same day of each month for several years. She would have been driving across the bridge at the same time as the collapse if she had gone that day. However, something told her to stay home and so she did … :o)

We each have our own Guardian Angel that is part of our spirit self … our direct connection to God / All That Is. We receive these messages all the time but we do not recognize them consciously, because we are usually not looking for them and for what they are. These messages come as subtle insights, images, a sudden feeling that we should change something, do something or not do something.

Usually we just flick them away … but … what if we become more and more aware of these messages? What if we expected to get direction from this spirit part of our lives?
Wow! What a benefit this would be … right? What if a larger portion of our Spirit is a Guardian Angel overseeing our lives and we could become more aware of this communication?

Think about this … where do you believe your thoughts originate? Ever have a thought out of the blue that seems like a revelation or an “Ahaaa Moment”? Well … that was one of those times. We can start to look for good things to happen when you know we are looked after in this way. Believing in yourself and your value as a person is where it all happens. Wanting to believe is where it all begins.

Our conscious and unconscious thoughts represent our beliefs about reality. What you believe to be true will usually come true for you.

Here is the part that I do not like …

“We each create our own reality”.

The reason I don’t like this is because that means literally that I AM RESPONSIBLE for everything in my life. Damn! Actually … I would rather someone else was responsible … like … God … or my Mother … my Father … or my grade school teacher … someone … just not me. For some reason I believe that this kind of thinking makes it easier on me because I can pass the buck.

But when we try to pass the buck it ends up making our life more difficult because when we blame someone/something else then we find we are living our lives based on the ebb and flow of the winds of emotional change rather than a directed emotional focus. If you don’t take control of your life yourself then someone or something else will … your boss … your friends, and I guarantee you that you will not be truly happy. You will not FEEL FREE.

If only this person would do this, then I could be happy. If only that person would change, then I would be successful… on and on.

Think about this … who have you been able to change in your life that made you happy or successful? No … no one? Me either.

Here is where the magic happens … this concept shows us how we are connected to God / The Universe / All That Is because this is “Free Will” … “Our given ability to Choose which path to take in each moment, in every day”. Without this God given tool, we are no better off than a rock.

We can go back to basic quotes in the bible: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, and, “Whatsoever you desire in your heart, so shall it be done unto you”.

Just for a minute here … what if this is true? What if this is not just a great sounding quote that makes us feel good and makes us feel righteous but what if it is exactly how the Universe works? What if we have to believe first in order to receive? What if we have to visualize something happening for us first in order to believe it’s possible? Sure … situations happen every day that seem to have nothing to do with you but affect you … and … the overall tone of our thinking is the magnet that attracts either problems for us or transports us into living in “The Magic of Life”.

Another guarantee I can make from experience, if you picture bad things happening, for example, what if this happens; what if I get sick; what if I get in an accident; or “Why is it that every time I install a software program on my computer there are problems and I have to install and reinstall more than once”. (This happened to me … rather … I created this with my thinking and beliefs.)

Today though, when I install software on any of my computers it always works. WHAT THE HECK CHANGED? This actually was me … and I can’t explain it. I just know that when I changed my thinking about this, everything changed. Weird huh?

You may be saying … buuuuuh-lone-ee (actual spelling – bologna). Well … until you’ve really tried this simple kind of thing, you will never know. But … I do.

When you can see it in your mind then you can work to feel it inside your self: your heart, the part of you that knows “you are”, the I Am of you, the part that is aware that you are alive, the feeling that says “this is me … I AM”.

I love what Dennis Waitley told me … “You cannot move away from a currently dominant thought”.

Here is another way of saying this: “You are laying a foundation for your tomorrow with the images and thoughts you are either allowing or holding today”. Holding is you directing your energy. Allowing is … well … you get it.

Now … we must be patient. There is a natural time delay here in our physical universe before change will happen so we have to wait with eager positive anticipation. The waiting part is where we can get into trouble though because sometimes we become impatient, we have doubt as to whether or not it will happen for us, or we have feelings of unworthiness like … what makes me think this could ever happen for me, or, who am I anyway, or, I remember that time I __ and I’m a bad person … so I don’t deserve that … ever.

These three bad boys can undermine any desire by cutting off your energy … the vibration that goes out into the Universe. These three are emotional “Parking Brakes” that inhibit our ability to attract what we want to happen in our lives.

We are here to learn how our Energy works. This is our thoughts, intentions, emotions and desires. These vibrations are the energy of God/The Universe/All That Is … working through us … in order for us to learn how to create our lives ON PURPOSE. These are OUR TOOLS. We just have to become aware of how they work and how to use them well.
We are all creating our own life but we very often create what we do not want because we are are unable to “Release our Brakes”, Brian Tracy explains this extremely well in this YouTube video) we are still learning how to make life happen on purpose.

Keep this in mind … you don’t always get what you want, but you will get what you expect. Expectation is the belief filled with emotion that the circumstances you are concentrating on will come to pass for you. These expectations can be either unconscious or conscious. We can choose. Kool!

This tool doesn’t care whether you are picturing good things or bad things because it is like the Genie in a Bottle saying, “Your Wish Is My Command”. “Whatever direction you focus your energy and emotion, that’s where I will take you.” A faithful Genie. Actually it’s God’s energy and rules working through you. We are each creators and we direct WHAT WE CREATE with our currently dominant thoughts and emotions. As I said, either unconsciously or consciously.

There is a huge “I deserve this” aspect to this concept so there is no room for doubt or feelings of unworthiness.

In order to access the “I deserve this” part of life we can begin here … delete the following three bad boys out of our life as much as possible: impatience, doubt, and any feeling of unworthiness.

We must be spending our time and thoughts looking toward our desires with eager and positive anticipation and with no feelings of unworthiness in order for our lives to unfold into living “In The Magic of Life”. You can do it! Kool … you get to do it.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

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