When we all pull together: “HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE”…?

What has to happen for more of us here on planet Earth to feel … HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE … to yell … HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE…? When we are at odds with each other then no one is better off. When we pull together then we are all better off.

When we go to a sporting event it’s easy to pull together isn’t it? Both sides of the stadium, so to speak, are pulling for their respective team to win.

When you got to the stadium you probably knew only a few people in the stands … right?

Here is a question for you: How do so many people, who do not know each other, get to the point were you are almost like friends? What happened / or / what IS happening?

Do we really need a common enemy in order to pull together or is there some other frame of thinking that can get us here?

The Coronavirus – COVID-19, has everyone on the planet on the same side against this common destructive enemy. When we see each other on the street walking our dogs, often there is a smile and a waive. We all share an empathy with our COMMON situation.

How can we conjure up more compassion every day … without the common destructive enemy or common opponent element?

Sure … everyone can get distracted by everyday things that have to get done like our job, home maintenance and bills. But the reality is that we allow ourselves to be overly distracted away from OUR REAL LIFE of love, family and health.

Start thinking about your connection with everyone and everything. When we listen to great thinkers and spiritual leaders like: The Dalai Lama, The Buddha, Jesus, Allah or any spiritual leader we will hear an encouragement for each of us to allow our best self to surface.

What is our best self? To work toward a harmony in life. This is the path to true happiness and prosperity. Bring out the compassion, the love, the caring, service to others and the optimism of life.

If you believe in the “Law of Attraction” then you get the point here, which is that what you think and do will determine what you attract back into your life. These things show the world who you are. In the end … what is life really about? It’s about building a life of friendship and love and this will feed your heart with happiness.

True happiness comes from a feeling that you contributed something of value to the world. We gain much joy from feeling compassion for everyone. How do we do this?

Our thoughts originate in our beliefs. Our thoughts and actions create our lives. If you haven’t asked yourself lately … then do it now … What do you believe about yourself and about other people? Do you believe you are here for yourself only or do you care about others and their well being? Everyone … each person you see in life has problems that need overcoming? This is where growth happens. This is reaching out to be more than we are now … to overcome something we gain strength and insights.

Religion teaches this kind of thinking on Sundays … but who lives by these ideas during the week?

Do you want blessings to automatically flow to you from the energy that is the “Magic of Life”? When you look at someone … just for a minute … try to really see them.

In the movie “Avatar” the Omaticaya people have this great greeting, they will say “I see you”, which means they are really looking at them and listening to them, they see who they are. This is similar to the traditional greeting in India; “Namaste”, which is greeting of respect. This is kindness … an honest attempt to understand others and share life’s goodness with them.

Persist in a certain way of thinking … and … WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT … will attract back to you … what you think about.

Dennis Waitley told me this: “You cannot move away from a currently dominant thought”. Think about this for a few minutes … What are your currently dominant thoughts? Are they mostly negative or are they mostly positive?

Here is a simple example of how a currently dominant thought can hold your attention: If I were to instruct you to sit for 5 minutes quietly … now … during this time I do not want you to think about a Pink Elephant. Whatever you do … do not think about the Pink Elephant … especially since he is a flying Pink Elephant. OK … begin …
What happened? Anyone see a flying Pink Elephant in their mind … for 5 minutes? Did you see the wings?

Now … understanding the way the brain works you probably knew to do this … you can change your thought focus on purpose by making a new choice. In any situation, in order to change the direction of your thinking you must REPLACE thought with a new thought, you cannot … NOT think about something.

So … you may have replaced the pink elephant with thoughts about the time you were in Jamaica on a beautiful warm sunny day. You are laying under a palm tree that shades your chair just enough so that you can really relax and watch the people walking on the beach and the jet skiers zooming around in the ocean. OR … maybe something else equally pleasant.

The idea here is this … you changed your currently dominant thought on purpose … you changed it to something beneficial … something that lifted your spirits. Now you feel different because you are thinking about something uplifting … right?
Here’s the thing … in order to improve our lives we have to change our thoughts which will change our feelings. In order to do this we must CHOOSE what we are thinking about ON PURPOSE.

When we feel good about ourselves we can feel good about others. When we feel good about others we treat everyone with kindness, patience and compassion. When we treat everyone like a friend, we can begin to generate more of this HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE kind of thinking in our world.

CHOOSE every day to believe in yourself … improve the way you see yourself, and others, and you will begin to touch so many lives in a positive way that others will be attracted you.

Take a minute and think of who you know that when in their presence you feel better about yourself? You deserve this kind of feeling every day. Everyone deserves this kind of feeling, someone to believe in them. This helps each one of us believe in ourselves and the value of our lives.

If you need a spiritual backing to this kind of thinking and living then just recall any of the great spiritual leaders and thinkers. Every day they preach … HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE … we are all the same … we are all connected … we are all one.

Isn’t this LOVE … after all?

“HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE.” (We are all pulling together)

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

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