Are You Basically Negative … or … are You Basically Positive?

How you say … what you say … even to yourself … will show you what your overall outlook or personal zeitgeist is (zeitgeist is the defining spirit or mood for your life). Believe me, you want to realize where you are coming from in conversation and in behavior. If you find yourself mis-communicating, these ideas may reveal why you are experiencing … what you are experiencing … in your life.

What you are saying to yourself or to others will attract good or bad into your life because what you are saying every day is what your overall thinking and feeling is about life and as I have said many times, you create your own life through your behavior.
Do others see/hear/feel that your are positive or negative? Do you prefer being around positive or do you prefer negative? Do you like to hear the latest gossip … or watch the news all the time to see “How many were killed” in an event.? My recommendation is “don’t do that”.

What you think about is what you will attract into your life.

If you have ever been to Sunday School or read the Bible you may recall what Job is quoted as saying: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me”.

In other words … what you think about and feel about is the most likely they type thing to happen to you. What happens is not necessarily exactly what will happen, but the spirit of what you think about is what will happen. If you have a grim outlook on life and picture or imagine bad stuff happening, then you will attract bad stuff. If you picture or imagine good stuff happening, then likewise, you will attract more good stuff. This is hard to understand until you have tried this on purpose for a while. First off, it is important to begin with a spirit of gratitude for everything.

It is extremely important to believe life is good, that people are good and that life is worth living from a position of positive thinking. This may sound pollyana-ish at first, however,if you only see life through a skeptical filter, you will find life more difficult.

In the movie “Last Lions” with Robert Duval and Michael Kane, Robert Duval’s character gives a speech to young men about “Becoming A Man”: Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things that a man needs to believe in the most: that people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; that love, true love, never dies… No matter if they’re true or not, a man should believe in those things because those are the things worth believing in. Part of Hub’s famous ‘what every boy needs to know about being a man ‘speech.

Here is an quote from Abraham Lincoln:
“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Your create your future out of your view of life which is indicated by your conversation. Conversation with others but more importantly conversation with yourself. How you talk to yourself will show you where your are coming from and where you are going.

For example, Russell can make a mistake and then say to himself: “Russell, what were you thinking?” or “I can’t believe you did that” or “Good job on that Russell.”

This is a dissociated viewpoint. This separates you from the situation.

This is the same as having someone else overseeing your life rather than accepting full responsibility for your life. Better to say this: “What was I thinking” or better yet “I need to think about this some more” or “I can do better than this”.

This is an associated thinking approach. This is you taking responsibility and owning it.

In the end, we do create our own life. Taking responsibility for our life is the best way to improve it. When we try to blame anyone or anything else for our situation then our very life is limited … because in the end we attract EVERYTHING that happens to us based on our thinking. And again, in order to discover our overall approach to life, become aware of your everyday conversation, internal and external.

You can change your life simply by becoming aware of your language and the words you choose every day.

Here is are samples that will show overall frame of mind:
Negative Frame………………………………Positive Frame
I feel very tired………………………………..I need some rest
I am hungry…………………………………….I need something to eat
I am so hot……………………………………..I would like to cool down
I hate this / that………………………………I prefer this / that.
My back hurts…………………………………I need to rest my back
My feet hurt……………………………………My feet need a rest
The house is dirty…………………………..This house needs cleaning
My mouth is dry……………………………..I need something to drink
I feel anxious…………………………………I need to become calm
I am not prepared for this………………I can get prepared for this
I’m not sure I can do this……………….I can do this
I am afraid…………………………………….I am brave … I can do this
The Sun is too bright today……………..I need to wear sunglasses today.
I have a cold………………………………….I want to feel better
ASSOCIATED: DISASSOCIATED My cold………………………………………….That cold..the one over there away from me.
My cancer………………………………………That cancer
My ulcer…………………………………………That ulcer

I am sure your are starting to get this?

Negative: “With my luck I will probably screw this up.” (Usually a past situation will pop in your head and if you associate negative emotions with the event, you will intensify those feelings and then bring them into your current situation and therefore attract a negative outcome … and … you do not want to do that). (Where is this kind of thinking coming from? Comparing a current situation that seems similar to previous event.)
Clearly picturing the previous event you are intensifying that memory / feeling / activator.

Positive: “I make my own luck. I can do this.” Picture the best outcome. Associate yourself with the best outcome and you are more likely to attract a better outcome.

You can even go further here and you can Pre-View the upcoming event and see each step in the process unfolding in a great way. For example: Say you are about to start a project. Now … close your eyes and visualize each step in the process happening in the best way. What does this look like? What does this feel like? Go through the entire event all the way to the end. Picture yourself after completing the project so well that you get recognized by your boss for having completed the project well.

Intensify your feelings about a situation by using:

Associated Visualization = Visualizing your activity as though you are in a movie looking out of your own eyes. See what you would be seeing if you are standing there. See your hands and arms. See the other people or things through your own eyes.

Pull association = Pulling the images in your mind closer to you and feeling the feeling associated with the event. Make the positive images larger in your mind, see the colors more brightly.

Reduce your feelings about a situation by using:

Dissociated Visualization = Visualizing your activity as though your are watching yourself in a movie.

Push dissociation = Pushing the images away from you. Visualizing your activity as though you are watching yourself watch yourself watching a movie of yourself. This is like walking into a movie theater, seeing yourself in one of the chairs down front and then seeing yourself on the movie screen. You are watching yourself … watch yourself … watching a movie of yourself. The further you can push the movie from you, the less you can feel the events and this means you are less influenced by it.

In other words, mentally push the image away and make it smaller and smaller until it is either reduced to a very small image in your mind or completely out of range, maybe even just a small dot on the movie screen of your mind. This will reduce your feelings about the situation. Of course because of the nature of personality to create habits, you may have to repeat this process several times for it to become permanent. But … you will be glad you did.

So, what happens is this, by distancing yourself mentally from a situation that you find hurtful, you can reduce your feelings about it and it will have less influence on your emotions and behaviors. You recall that we have covered the fact that your behavior creates your life.

The other side of the coin here is that if you want to feel better about something that happened in the past, you can do this by bringing something closer to you and you can intensify your feelings about it. The more you can associate yourself with a situation by seeing the situation as though your are actually in the movie now, you can draw the image to you and make it bigger in your mind which makes it intensify your feelings and emotions about it.

It’s sort of like placing your fingers on an image on your phone and making the image larger. In your mind … you can make the movie closer, larger, brighter, intensify the colors and make the sounds motivating too. So try mentally adjusting these and becoming more “associated” with them and see how your feelings change.

It may take some practice but you will see and feel a difference in your every day activities. You will kick up your good feelings by a notch or two. When this becomes habit, you will find your life changing a little at first then as you get better at this you will find yourself living more and more in “The Magic of Life”. Good things will begin to happen that appear at first to be coincidence but actually you are making things happen because of who you are; how you are thinking and felling. You have attracted these events into your life.

Think back to what Jesus said: “As you believe in your heart, so shall it be done unto you”. This is what it means to believe in your heart. It is “Who You Are” at your very core. You do not have to believe that – God / The Universe / All That Is – created a Universe that works this way. You just have to “Want” to believe it’s true … because … this is worth believing.

To recount then … when you want to reduce the emotional affects of an event, use dissociative words in your conversation when referring to something.
That cold … That flu … That headache … That test. Or … when referring to something use the word There in your conversation. As in Over There, away from me… NOT ME. This is disassociated.

When you want to increase the emotion or your feelings about an event, use associative words in your conversation.
This new car … this cold … this flu … this headache … or my cold, or my flu or my headache.

Of course you do not want to associate with a cold or the flu but these give an intense view of what effect your words will have on your feelings and so also your life. Or … when referring to something use the word Here in your conversation to bring it closer. As in Over Here.. next to me or Right Here … it’s part of me. It’s like claiming ownership mentally and emotionally. This is associated.

When you want to bring something emotionally closer to you, use associative words … and when you want to push something further away from you, do not take ownership but dissociate from it.

With these tools you can dissociate from what you don’t want and associate with what you do want.

Ever notice that in our awake state we seem to be locked on to our physical senses. In our sleeping state we are free to be whatever we choose. For example … in our dreams … We can fly … images change in an instant.

The ability to change our lives comes from an acceptance and growing understanding of our bigger self. This is the part of us that is directly connected to God / The Universe / All That Is.

We can open the window to our bigger self and gain glimpses of what is possible for us.

In other words we are much more that we perceive. The first step to gaining access to this huge and creative aspect of ourselves begins by way of a simple recognition or acceptance that “What if it is possible to open our lives to greater possibilities by simply believing?”.

Start by imagining, or if you prefer, visualizing your best outcome. Collect pictures of the outcomes you would like in your life.

Create a visualization board with pictures of what you want to happen or have in your life and look at it regularly. Oprah had several episodes about the value of creating a “Visualization Board”.

I like what Dennis Waitley said about this: “Think about what you want, not what you don’t want”.
And …
“You can not move away from a currently dominant thought.”

What are your currently dominant thoughts? Say this to yourself several times a day until you really get it. What do you want in life? Check what you are thinking about every day. These understandings will begin to lift your spirits. After all … isn’t this how we all want to live our lives … full of promise and possibility?
Well … yeah!

I’m jus’ sayin’ – Russell

Have you lost Someone Special …….?

When I started writing this post, we had just lost our little dog last night at 1:30 in the morning. It was all of a sudden … just like that. Bunny was a 3.5 pound toy poodle and a bundle of love. She had a wonderful life for 14 years and WE HAD HER for from a puppy. Blessings!

You might be thinking yes … but it was just a dog. But the truth is that any thing or anyone you really love for years creates a hole in your heart when they leave.

My wife lost both of her parents at age 18. I lost both of my parents and my step father later in life but there were still questions in my head like why, why them, why now?

I recently lost my youngest Sister April who was only 54. We have 7 kids in our family and I am the oldest. NOT FAIR. WHY? WHY NOW? Her son recently graduated from college.

I recently lost my best friend of 35 years. Burney was only 69 years old. As of this writing the life expectancy for a male in the United States is 78.54 years … so in my mind … this was NOT FAIR either.

Burney and I collecting huge icicles at Dry Falls, outside of Highlands, NC

I used to work in a bank and a young female teller about 22 years old worked with us for about 6 months. I came into work one day to find out that she had died the previous afternoon while skydiving. Her parachute got stuck in a tree and when she released herself from the harness she fell and broke her neck. I thought about her parents and friends who would miss her. Her boyfriend was skydiving with her when it happened. He had jumped out of the airplane with her.

The questions when you hear something like this are usually along these lines: Why her? Why now? Can anyone explain this to me? This doesn’t make sense. She had so much to live for.

This BLOG cannot possibly cover all the subjects that this kind of conversation would entail but for now I would like to discuss a brief overview of what Seth teaches which is an extremely comforting frame of mind when something like this occurs. It doesn’t mitigate all of the pain but it can help us as individuals live with and accept what has happened a little more easily.

Here is the concept in a nutshell:

  • Here is an important one for me: Seth teaches that when we die, it’s like walking into another room. Nothing to worry about or be afraid of. It’s just that simple.
  • The following points build understanding into this concept.
  • All Life is eternal.
  • God, or All That Is … IS … literally everything. Each atom, molecule, cell, organ, limb, frog or person. This includes trees, plants, rocks, the planet, think: EVERYTHING.
  • All That Is … which is another way of saying … ALL Life Energy … is TRYING TO COMPLETELY KNOW ITSELF, and TO HAVE EVERY KIND OF POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE. EVERY POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE … you know what I mean here right?
  • As part of All That Is, each atom, cell, molecule, organ, tree, cat, frog and person is alive with its own kind focus and has its own spirit or energy. Each Person has this spirit that is on an everlasting quest of growth and the understanding of how to create your own life of love and compassion, without hurting others. Again, with the desire to manifest everything possible within its own kind of life focus and structure.
  • As a physical living existence we each have free will … making choices along the way.
  • With Free Will comes infinite … unlimited possibilities. This makes God’s desire to experience EVERYTHING POSSIBLE … IMPOSSIBLE. This is because when a new choice of experience is chosen, (all stemming from free will and the ability to choose), the new possibilities available are again infinite in a completely new set of directions.
  • The part of us that is the energy of life … the animating force of living … is our spirit or soul. This spirit has an everlasting existence. An always existence.
  • Seth teaches that “You create your own reality” or said another way, “You make your own life”.
  • Here is one that is not so easy to accept … however … Before we are born our spirit / soul chooses the circumstances to start our next reincarnation into physical existence. We choose our family and the situation in order to learn specific life lessons.

The long and short of all of this: we each choose our own path in life and … EVERYTHING … according to Seth … WE CREATED.

Wait a minute, what about the guy who runs into my car on the freeway? I didn’t cause that!

Seth would say … yes … you did on a telepathic level. The other person involved also has the choice of whether to allow the accident to happen. An accident is something that you both agreed to telepathically and you each had a choice of whether or not to follow through.

Well … damn.

As I said, we do not have space to cover this completely. If your are looking for more answers like I was … read “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts. As you read the Jane RobertsSeth Books, there are 32 of them, you will see the quality and the breadth of these teachings so profound that you will find a new freedom and feeling of safety and humility for life.

Now … as part of our ability to choose, we each choose when we have gotten out of life what we wanted in order to assist us in our everlasting cosmic journey.

So when this happens, we unconsciously decide to leave current physical existence. We then can choose our next life situation with a new set of beginnings to overcome in our growth toward being all that we can be … in a manner of speaking.

This is comforting to me because the knowledge that we never cease to exist means we do not have to be afraid of death.

We have been taught that we were created accidentally though a series of biological trial and error moves. Really? Does this really make sense? Accidental?

In physical existence we tend to identify with the body as “This is me” when in reality our spirit is using this current body as our mode of transportation while we are here … this time. This also comes from reincarnation concepts.

If you do not believe in reincarnation, that’s OK. I didn’t either until 10 years ago when I started reading the Seth Books. I am 73 now. At the same time, these concepts are very inspiring and motivating, and in the larger scheme of things, ask yourself this question: what if these ideas are true? What if I can live free of impatience, fear, doubt and any feeling of unworthiness?

Further then, when we experience a trauma or an accident that is going to take us out, our spirit knows what is going on and WE (our spirit) LEAVE OUR BODY. This saves us from actually experiencing the trauma. After all, why should we?

You know the stories of people who have had a near death experience right? Their comments are all very similar … “I felt myself floating above my body. I was looking down on my body and the people working on on it trying to bring me back”. In a near death experience obviously the person does come back because it was not there time to go.

Well … what if when we do die … our spirit, our livingness, feels like it is walking into another room? What if it’s actually that smooth?

Why should we want to believe this? Because it is elegant and here is what I mean. Let’s say YOU ARE designing the Universe. Assume that this Universe is made up of your own energy, since you are the designer and builder here. So… now… why would you want life to be suffering? I am not saying suffering does not occur obviously.

You may be saying to yourself: “Oh … but life is suffering”.

Is it Life that is suffering or … is suffering the result of our own choices?

Damn, not this again! Please … don’t tell me that I make my own life.

Yes … this is what I am saying.

So … think on these important ideas: You create your own life.
God Is Love … There is no such thing as evil. The are only choices that some people or groups of people make that we define as evil. We are here because of God’s love. We are created in love. The Universe / God / All That Is … is ALWAYS LEANING IN OUR FAVOR. God wants each one of us to succeed, to be happy, to prosper. This is talked about in the Bible too. The thing is: Our choices create our behaviors and our behaviors create or life. It’s that simple.

What about the guy who ran into me on the freeway though?

Well, Seth teaches that we attract the accident for whatever reason and it’s our responsibility to discover the reason for each event that occurs in our lives. This is how we grow. This is where the phrase, “There is a hidden silver lining in every situation, we just have to look for it”.

So … if you have lost someone you love, a family member or a close friend, you can know that Barbara and I are sending as much heartfelt love and comfort as possible to you.

This is our mindset when we loose anyone in our lives:
We still feel the pain of loss of course.

AND YET… Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Friend or Pet.

The way we look at it is this: We are grateful for every minute we had with one of these living energies / living personalities in our lives.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

When we all pull together: “HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE”…?

What has to happen for more of us here on planet Earth to feel … HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE … to yell … HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE…? When we are at odds with each other then no one is better off. When we pull together then we are all better off.

When we go to a sporting event it’s easy to pull together isn’t it? Both sides of the stadium, so to speak, are pulling for their respective team to win.

When you got to the stadium you probably knew only a few people in the stands … right?

Here is a question for you: How do so many people, who do not know each other, get to the point were you are almost like friends? What happened / or / what IS happening?

Do we really need a common enemy in order to pull together or is there some other frame of thinking that can get us here?

The Coronavirus – COVID-19, has everyone on the planet on the same side against this common destructive enemy. When we see each other on the street walking our dogs, often there is a smile and a waive. We all share an empathy with our COMMON situation.

How can we conjure up more compassion every day … without the common destructive enemy or common opponent element?

Sure … everyone can get distracted by everyday things that have to get done like our job, home maintenance and bills. But the reality is that we allow ourselves to be overly distracted away from OUR REAL LIFE of love, family and health.

Start thinking about your connection with everyone and everything. When we listen to great thinkers and spiritual leaders like: The Dalai Lama, The Buddha, Jesus, Allah or any spiritual leader we will hear an encouragement for each of us to allow our best self to surface.

What is our best self? To work toward a harmony in life. This is the path to true happiness and prosperity. Bring out the compassion, the love, the caring, service to others and the optimism of life.

If you believe in the “Law of Attraction” then you get the point here, which is that what you think and do will determine what you attract back into your life. These things show the world who you are. In the end … what is life really about? It’s about building a life of friendship and love and this will feed your heart with happiness.

True happiness comes from a feeling that you contributed something of value to the world. We gain much joy from feeling compassion for everyone. How do we do this?

Our thoughts originate in our beliefs. Our thoughts and actions create our lives. If you haven’t asked yourself lately … then do it now … What do you believe about yourself and about other people? Do you believe you are here for yourself only or do you care about others and their well being? Everyone … each person you see in life has problems that need overcoming? This is where growth happens. This is reaching out to be more than we are now … to overcome something we gain strength and insights.

Religion teaches this kind of thinking on Sundays … but who lives by these ideas during the week?

Do you want blessings to automatically flow to you from the energy that is the “Magic of Life”? When you look at someone … just for a minute … try to really see them.

In the movie “Avatar” the Omaticaya people have this great greeting, they will say “I see you”, which means they are really looking at them and listening to them, they see who they are. This is similar to the traditional greeting in India; “Namaste”, which is greeting of respect. This is kindness … an honest attempt to understand others and share life’s goodness with them.

Persist in a certain way of thinking … and … WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT … will attract back to you … what you think about.

Dennis Waitley told me this: “You cannot move away from a currently dominant thought”. Think about this for a few minutes … What are your currently dominant thoughts? Are they mostly negative or are they mostly positive?

Here is a simple example of how a currently dominant thought can hold your attention: If I were to instruct you to sit for 5 minutes quietly … now … during this time I do not want you to think about a Pink Elephant. Whatever you do … do not think about the Pink Elephant … especially since he is a flying Pink Elephant. OK … begin …
What happened? Anyone see a flying Pink Elephant in their mind … for 5 minutes? Did you see the wings?

Now … understanding the way the brain works you probably knew to do this … you can change your thought focus on purpose by making a new choice. In any situation, in order to change the direction of your thinking you must REPLACE thought with a new thought, you cannot … NOT think about something.

So … you may have replaced the pink elephant with thoughts about the time you were in Jamaica on a beautiful warm sunny day. You are laying under a palm tree that shades your chair just enough so that you can really relax and watch the people walking on the beach and the jet skiers zooming around in the ocean. OR … maybe something else equally pleasant.

The idea here is this … you changed your currently dominant thought on purpose … you changed it to something beneficial … something that lifted your spirits. Now you feel different because you are thinking about something uplifting … right?
Here’s the thing … in order to improve our lives we have to change our thoughts which will change our feelings. In order to do this we must CHOOSE what we are thinking about ON PURPOSE.

When we feel good about ourselves we can feel good about others. When we feel good about others we treat everyone with kindness, patience and compassion. When we treat everyone like a friend, we can begin to generate more of this HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE kind of thinking in our world.

CHOOSE every day to believe in yourself … improve the way you see yourself, and others, and you will begin to touch so many lives in a positive way that others will be attracted you.

Take a minute and think of who you know that when in their presence you feel better about yourself? You deserve this kind of feeling every day. Everyone deserves this kind of feeling, someone to believe in them. This helps each one of us believe in ourselves and the value of our lives.

If you need a spiritual backing to this kind of thinking and living then just recall any of the great spiritual leaders and thinkers. Every day they preach … HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE … we are all the same … we are all connected … we are all one.

Isn’t this LOVE … after all?

“HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE.” (We are all pulling together)

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

Feelings … and … Emotions

What if FEELINGS are the biological representation of emotions and EMOTIONS are the part of our spirit that we can direct with visualization. Feelings and Emotions are connected in a way that allows us to use them on purpose.

Try this … you can change how you feel if you change your physical situation … get up and move … do something fun or different … this strategy is what Neuro Linquistics Programming (NLP) calls a pattern interrupt.

(NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programing – The objective study of subjective experience, or, how we organize our thoughts around our beliefs and values.) You can take your life’s temperature so to speak by examining how you feel at any moment of the day. Are you pessimistic or optimistic? These tones reveal your overall emotional makeup. Pay attention to how you feel … and … if it’s not ideal … change to a more positive outlook. Give yourself a Pattern Interrupt by doing something to interrupt what you are feeling. Clean something, fix something, send a nice note to someone you love … anything to change your current perspective.

You can distract yourself from your current train of thought with this Pattern Interrupt Concept and this will change how you feel. Notice that with the change in feelings, your emotions will have changed as well. If you pay attention to your emotions and how you feel you can gain insights into how you are directly affecting your daily life … and … you can do something about it.

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

We each have to insure we never get locked in irons, and that we keep moving, either physically or emotionally.

Locked in irons is what a sailboat is called when it is sitting still in the water because there is no wind to fill the sails … (or emotionally … no good thoughts to fill the mind … emotionally locked in irons).

In the old days of wooden ships, that did not have a motor, they were literally at the mercy of the wind and with zero wind, then … you get it … “Locked in irons”.
Feelin’ poorly or depressed … move, get up and do something. Do not allow yourself to stay locked in irons. It can be as simple as taking a shower, cleaning something in the house, putting a load of clothes in the wash or go outside for a walk in nature. Do not sit or lay there, move! … row your own boat.

I promise you that the sooner you do this you will be allowing your day to unfold differently.

Emotions are the part of us that we can direct toward our desires. The more intensity / emotion we can send out then the more rapidly we initiate the manifestation of a given situation or desire into our lives.

When we think of something we want to happen in our life we can intensify our emotions by creating detailed and vivid mental pictures of that good outcome. These thoughts and mental pictures change our feelings (biology / electromagnet energy / vibrations) which makes everything happen in the Universe.

Stick with me here …

Our energy and our thoughts go out from us in all directions as an electromagnet vibration that penetrates everything. It radiates out through foliage, buildings, the earth, and out into space. Simply put … our thoughts, accompanied by strong emotion, go everywhere all at once. As our thoughts go out, they impact everything in subtle ways that are usually unrecognized by us … (unless we are paying attention).

Have you every been going about your day and all of a sudden you think of a person you haven’t heard from in a while? Your thoughts go to fond memories. You mentally reach out to them. You see them in your mind. Then out of the blue they call you or you get a text from them?

There are many other events that could be recognized if we allow ourselves to believe in a life and reality that is much bigger than our everyday events.

For example … This happened to my wife Barbara. There was a Flight to Miami that she took every month. The flight was early in the morning, the exact same flight she took every time she went to Miami. On that day she had a ticket and was scheduled to board that flight. For some reason she missed the plane and ended up staying home for the day. The small plane with 8 passengers crashed and everyone was killed. We found out about the crash when the person at the other end of the flight called to see if she was alright. Her company called to see if she was alright. She was.


A huge bridge collapsed during rush hour because a ship hit the pilings. A lot of people died. The bridge was at the mouth of Tampa Bay, Florida. Barbara was scheduled to drive across the Skyway bridge on the same day of each month for several years. She would have been driving across the bridge at the same time as the collapse if she had gone that day. However, something told her to stay home and so she did … :o)

We each have our own Guardian Angel that is part of our spirit self … our direct connection to God / All That Is. We receive these messages all the time but we do not recognize them consciously, because we are usually not looking for them and for what they are. These messages come as subtle insights, images, a sudden feeling that we should change something, do something or not do something.

Usually we just flick them away … but … what if we become more and more aware of these messages? What if we expected to get direction from this spirit part of our lives?
Wow! What a benefit this would be … right? What if a larger portion of our Spirit is a Guardian Angel overseeing our lives and we could become more aware of this communication?

Think about this … where do you believe your thoughts originate? Ever have a thought out of the blue that seems like a revelation or an “Ahaaa Moment”? Well … that was one of those times. We can start to look for good things to happen when you know we are looked after in this way. Believing in yourself and your value as a person is where it all happens. Wanting to believe is where it all begins.

Our conscious and unconscious thoughts represent our beliefs about reality. What you believe to be true will usually come true for you.

Here is the part that I do not like …

“We each create our own reality”.

The reason I don’t like this is because that means literally that I AM RESPONSIBLE for everything in my life. Damn! Actually … I would rather someone else was responsible … like … God … or my Mother … my Father … or my grade school teacher … someone … just not me. For some reason I believe that this kind of thinking makes it easier on me because I can pass the buck.

But when we try to pass the buck it ends up making our life more difficult because when we blame someone/something else then we find we are living our lives based on the ebb and flow of the winds of emotional change rather than a directed emotional focus. If you don’t take control of your life yourself then someone or something else will … your boss … your friends, and I guarantee you that you will not be truly happy. You will not FEEL FREE.

If only this person would do this, then I could be happy. If only that person would change, then I would be successful… on and on.

Think about this … who have you been able to change in your life that made you happy or successful? No … no one? Me either.

Here is where the magic happens … this concept shows us how we are connected to God / The Universe / All That Is because this is “Free Will” … “Our given ability to Choose which path to take in each moment, in every day”. Without this God given tool, we are no better off than a rock.

We can go back to basic quotes in the bible: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, and, “Whatsoever you desire in your heart, so shall it be done unto you”.

Just for a minute here … what if this is true? What if this is not just a great sounding quote that makes us feel good and makes us feel righteous but what if it is exactly how the Universe works? What if we have to believe first in order to receive? What if we have to visualize something happening for us first in order to believe it’s possible? Sure … situations happen every day that seem to have nothing to do with you but affect you … and … the overall tone of our thinking is the magnet that attracts either problems for us or transports us into living in “The Magic of Life”.

Another guarantee I can make from experience, if you picture bad things happening, for example, what if this happens; what if I get sick; what if I get in an accident; or “Why is it that every time I install a software program on my computer there are problems and I have to install and reinstall more than once”. (This happened to me … rather … I created this with my thinking and beliefs.)

Today though, when I install software on any of my computers it always works. WHAT THE HECK CHANGED? This actually was me … and I can’t explain it. I just know that when I changed my thinking about this, everything changed. Weird huh?

You may be saying … buuuuuh-lone-ee (actual spelling – bologna). Well … until you’ve really tried this simple kind of thing, you will never know. But … I do.

When you can see it in your mind then you can work to feel it inside your self: your heart, the part of you that knows “you are”, the I Am of you, the part that is aware that you are alive, the feeling that says “this is me … I AM”.

I love what Dennis Waitley told me … “You cannot move away from a currently dominant thought”.

Here is another way of saying this: “You are laying a foundation for your tomorrow with the images and thoughts you are either allowing or holding today”. Holding is you directing your energy. Allowing is … well … you get it.

Now … we must be patient. There is a natural time delay here in our physical universe before change will happen so we have to wait with eager positive anticipation. The waiting part is where we can get into trouble though because sometimes we become impatient, we have doubt as to whether or not it will happen for us, or we have feelings of unworthiness like … what makes me think this could ever happen for me, or, who am I anyway, or, I remember that time I __ and I’m a bad person … so I don’t deserve that … ever.

These three bad boys can undermine any desire by cutting off your energy … the vibration that goes out into the Universe. These three are emotional “Parking Brakes” that inhibit our ability to attract what we want to happen in our lives.

We are here to learn how our Energy works. This is our thoughts, intentions, emotions and desires. These vibrations are the energy of God/The Universe/All That Is … working through us … in order for us to learn how to create our lives ON PURPOSE. These are OUR TOOLS. We just have to become aware of how they work and how to use them well.
We are all creating our own life but we very often create what we do not want because we are are unable to “Release our Brakes”, Brian Tracy explains this extremely well in this YouTube video) we are still learning how to make life happen on purpose.

Keep this in mind … you don’t always get what you want, but you will get what you expect. Expectation is the belief filled with emotion that the circumstances you are concentrating on will come to pass for you. These expectations can be either unconscious or conscious. We can choose. Kool!

This tool doesn’t care whether you are picturing good things or bad things because it is like the Genie in a Bottle saying, “Your Wish Is My Command”. “Whatever direction you focus your energy and emotion, that’s where I will take you.” A faithful Genie. Actually it’s God’s energy and rules working through you. We are each creators and we direct WHAT WE CREATE with our currently dominant thoughts and emotions. As I said, either unconsciously or consciously.

There is a huge “I deserve this” aspect to this concept so there is no room for doubt or feelings of unworthiness.

In order to access the “I deserve this” part of life we can begin here … delete the following three bad boys out of our life as much as possible: impatience, doubt, and any feeling of unworthiness.

We must be spending our time and thoughts looking toward our desires with eager and positive anticipation and with no feelings of unworthiness in order for our lives to unfold into living “In The Magic of Life”. You can do it! Kool … you get to do it.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

Recommended reading:

What’s it gonna take for us to realize that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED?

So … what do you think? What will it take for us to realize as a human race that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED? What kind of catalyst do we need to bring us all together?

Movies portray Extinction Level Events, attacks on humanity as a whole, which always, at least in the movie, bring us together. (Aliens, viruses, terrorists, asteroids, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves and more).

Why does it seem to take a destruction level event for us to come together and to realize that we are in this life together, that we share this life? What affects you, effects me too.

Here is a kool concept that has been previously mentioned here on

There are many armchair quarterbacks in the world with strong opinions of what someone else is doing incorrectly, but, ask yourself this question: If you were God, how would you design a perfect Universe? According to the vast majority of religions … this Universe … should be all encompassing covering everything and everyone, full of grace, compassion and love.

Consider the question of reincarnation: and remember … these are only questions … nothing to fear here.

What if we experience reincarnation each time we “Pass”? What if our Spirit / Soul / Entity is on an eternal journey of growth working to have complete understanding of what life is all about and what if we reincarnate over and over until we “GET IT”?

This is how our life seems to work while we are here in physical reality now … right? When you fall off of a horse … what is the saying … oh yeah … get right back on the horse to overcome fear.

Same is true of learning anything new, keep trying until you get it.
Important rule: You must treat yourself kindly when you are learning something new. Impatience, doubt or any feeling of unworthiness will hold you back from your true potential in any discipline.

You can learn anything when you are given enough time to try and try again. Life lessons don’t always come easily but they will come if you stick with it … and … a Universe that includes reincarnations is one way to insure everyone sticks with it … if you’re designing a Universe that is.

The rest of this concept is tied up in areas that many people don’t even consider. This is the “What If Question” that we should be asking: what if, as part of this New Universe Design, we are given the opportunity to experience everything in physical reality which would include being male, being female, being black, white, yellow, red, having children, having no children, being rich or being poor?

NOW … if this were a possibliity … then … looking back on all those lives … what is your assessment of this whole concept of being connected to everyone, knowing where they are coming from, being the same in other words?

After thinking about this concept a little, how does it feel now when you look at a person of a different color or a person of a different sex? Do you feel that you can relate to anyone given your new found empathy? Of course you don’t currently recall any of these past lives, however, what if you believed this was a possibility, that life was this vast. After all … what do we really know about how God does things?

So … let’s assume for the sake of this discussion that this is all true. NOW … how do we treat other people everyday? What changes would we see in the world if we each felt like everyone is a friend, someone who, like you, has experienced what it’s like to be black, white, red, yellow, male, female … someone you care about like a friend?

Here is a little example: Suppose you are at a sports event, someone sitting beside you in the stands cheering for your team … right? Someone is eating a hot dog and coke just like you or wearing your favorite team’s jersey, or better yet, wearing your favorite player’s number/jersey, the one you have on now …. say for example … the Number 12. So we find that there is an easy relationship built based on something this simple.

It’s easy to laugh and cheer together … right? You may even invite them, or they you, to go get a bite to eat together after the game. You may even find that you now have a new friend and begin to stay in touch and go to other events together. All because of this simple concept of feeling like you have so much in common.

When there is something in common this works everywhere in life. As I said before, even bad guys do nice things for their buddies, other people they feel can understand them.

So the question is really this I guess; what other thinking would it take to get to a place where we all care about each other?

Maybe ownership is the driving force in battles of any kind. Maybe it’s pride, maybe it’s fear of loss, doubt about our own worth … on and on? Is this concept a stretch for our imagination? What if this is actually how the Universe works? WOW! How many people are gonna be surprised to find this out when they pass?

Maybe we can start coming together more if there are more catastrophic events that threaten all of humanity … OR … maybe we just create more programs that begin to reach across the emotional lines of male and female, race and color, rich and poor, and start to move toward more of what Martin Luther King’s dream was all about.

His “I Have A Dream Today” speech included this: “That as a nation we can live by the creed; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. Is this possible? Is this at all realistic?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches that all of their tools are designed to work for a more open communication between people, to build relationships and toward outcomes where everyone is benefited.

Each of us individually must make the behavioral call that we will treat everyone with compassion and fairness. That we will exercise patience for others realizing that we each have portions of our lives that still need improving. Until we learn the right way to live, is it possible for us to treat ourselves and others kindly.

When can we begin today to look at everyone with the eyes of acceptance for who they are right now, another fellow traveler on Planet Earth, someone just like you? They have Hopes and Dreams, just like you.

This doesn’t mean we have to allow others to treat us badly. It just means we begin to have compassion for others … and … if need be … at a distance. But understanding and allowing others to be who they are right now, because we are who we are right now, will give us much greater joy in life because we will be reducing judgment, fear, doubt and any feeling of unworthiness.

When we can at least diminish Fear … Doubt … Impatience … Feelings of Unworthiness, we will experience more love and happiness, success and abundance than every before in our lives.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

Do you feel life is unfair … OR?

… From a big picture perspective … is life simply experience from which to learn and grow?

Take a good look at the pictures above. See if you can feel the difference in energy when going from impatient and worried to happy and optimistic? What do you think the worried people above are picturing / visualizing? What do you think the others are thinking and feeling? Can we choose these at will?

Years ago a friend taught me to use this frame of mind when something goes wrong” He says, “I always look at a bad situation like this, “WHOA… SOMETHING GOOD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!”. Now he spends his days looking for the good things in life.

Discovering long ago that I create my own life and that this present moment is my only point of power has changed my life.

NOW is the only time I can do anything … about anything.

I found that this is a powerful mental and emotional stance to take in my life. If I believe that I create my own life, and that every little detail or experience that comes to me is because of who I am, then I am in a much better position to improve anything in my life … everything about my life.

The reality is this: we cannot blame anyone else for our life not turning out the way we want it to. We must take personal responsibility for everything we experience. And … yes … it takes effort. But, an optimistic outlook (visualization) is waaaaaaaay better than suffering with what you get otherwise.

And if we can replace our use of terms like “This is unfair” or “I don’t deserve this” and instead ask ourselves, “What can I change in my thinking and behavior that will improve this situation?”, NOW we can realize that they are merely our individual negative reaction to experience, then we open up many more GOOD POSSIBILITIES for ourselves. We can NOW see any of life’s undesirable situations not as problems but as opportunities.
To me the real meaning of success is living a life filled with joy and love. Surely accumulation of stuff is part of life but many say that without joy and love, accumulation of stuff is not the definition of success.

When the planes were coming down on 09/11, the calls out were not about wishing they closed one more deal or made more money, they were calls to loved ones … to people … not about things.

I believe that when we look at any of our life situations, good or bad, as a feedback mechanism called experience then the “Magic of Life” becomes more accessible to us.
Our life mechanisms operate based on need or desire.

Let’s take a look at some simple examples of how this works.

Manual labor requires strength and calluses on our hands. In order to get strength we need to stress our muscles. In order to get calluses we will need to go through blisters. Manual labor will cause blisters that will then automatically turn into calluses.

Strong callused hands give us the ability to do manual labor more comfortably and for longer periods of time. Yes there is some discomfort as you begin but the knowledge that what we need will be given to us is where we begin to build self confidence in our life. This is the confidence of knowing that you can accomplish much more than you may currently give yourself credit for.

So what is required: Begin to do the work and the benefit of calluses and strength is given to us.

To build our muscles we start by exercising. Exercise literally tears down our muscles but then the life force in our body rebuilds the muscles even stronger.
Look at it like Supply and Demand. The demand (desire) occurs first, then the supply or (answers) will follow … automatically.

This is the “Ask and it shall be given to you” characteristic of life.

Another way to relate to this is … through need or desire our spirit is reaching out into the Universe for assistance and then the specific biological or emotional energy comes back with what we need.

When we realize this is how life works, then we do not complain or try to place blame elsewhere for things not going our way. Instead we simply challenge ourselves to keep at it. That through this growing confidence we believe the necessary … knowledge or answers … will come automatically.

There’s that faith related word again: “Believe” Faith does not have to be religious, although it is most often discussed in those terms. Faith is a knowing how life works and using the tools long enough to actually get it. To feel comfortable in your own skin. Confidence in your continued growth toward true happiness.

We all want to live in the “Magic of Life” but the daily responsibilities that we carry as adults can distract us from how great life can be. It’s not what happens in life, but how you take it, what you emotionally do with each situation. Do you react … or … do you respond? There is a big difference. Reaction is usually associated with things like this: “the patient had a reaction to the treatment”. The one you want to hear is this: “The patient is responding to the treatment”.

It is a powerful shift in perspective. If we can make the shift, this allows us to release our own brakes. The three root emotional parking brakes for us, which lead to negative emotions like anger, hatred, frustration and the like are: Impatience, Doubt or any Feeling of Unworthiness. As we begin to see and feel life situations not as problems but as experience, as opportunities, then we become better equipped to pull the best out of ourselves. Actually a more correct direction of thought is this: We become better conduits for positive life energy to flow through us in favor of our desires. Wow!

I have found in the past that when I’m thinking: “I can do this” or “I believe I’m going to be able to handle this well” or when I am confident in myself and optimistic about the outcome, then I perform better than if I am worried or doubtful. Simply stated, confidence can show up in any situation simply by believing in the mechanisms of life and how they work. By taking that “leap of faith” that gets us started in the direction of our visualized ideal or goal.

This confidence can be expressed simply as the eager and optimistic feeling that life will unfold in your favor. When you begin this kind of thinking and get results like the ones we have discussed, your confidence in your own life will begin to build and build to the point where nothing can shake you. This is where you are headed.

You will often find yourself learning the details of how to make the best happen … along the way. Starting with a “What if Up” frame of mind will attract a better outcome than worry or doubt.

So… Check your perimeter. What are you visualizing all day long, bad outcomes or good outcomes? Are you taking this great tool for granted or are you trying to use it all the time?

See and feel the pictured outcome as though it has already happened. Rather than thinking of your goal, Visualize FROM your goal. See yourself sitting in that specific car. See the color, feel the seat under you, what does that new car smell like, mentally see your hands hold the steering wheel. Get the picture here? Be as specific as you can. You will begin to feel that tingle that comes with hope and expectation. Use this tingle … it’s part of the joy of living.

Another way to help your visualizations is to go to the the car lot for example and sit in the car you REALLY REALLY want. Touch it, smell it, even drive it. Don’t worry that you may not be able to afford that one yet… the important thing is to feel the tingles when you think about the car any time during the day. If you feel uncomfortable taking to a salesman before you can buy the car, then go after hours and look at the car and touch the car you want. Talk about free emotional fuel. Creativity, energy, ideas… all this comes for free when you do this kind of dreaming.

Many years ago my wife and I would drive up to our favorite furniture store on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, FL. We did this every time we passed it. Often it was after work and it would be dark. So we shined the headlights into the showroom where “Our Furniture” was sitting. We picked out a specific bedroom suit. BTW this was back in 1980. It took 4 years to happen but then one day we walked into the store during business hours. We walked up to the salesman and pointed to what we wanted and said “We want that, and that, and that, and that”. We wrote a check for the full amount – $8,000. The furniture was delivered the next day. Wow!

Since then we have done this with cars, houses, TVs, clothes, travel and much more. This works. Prove it to yourself. You will be glad you did.

What if…?
Oh no… not the “What if Questions Again”.

Stick with me here…
What if we went into every situation with the expectancy of a positive outcome? What are the possibilities for improved results in every area of our lives?
We often do not think of how life life works because we are trying to take care of all the details we are responsible for daily.

Stop for a minute before every situation and visualize the outcome you want. Stick with it and as your inner foundational belief adjusts to this more optimistic view, prepare to be amazed.

Ever heard one of these phrases? “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” Or “Whatsoever you believe in your heart, so shall it be done unto you”.

Recommended reading: As a Man Thinketh – by James Allen.

Experience shows up as the feedback for how we see life at this moment. This feedback shows us through our personal circumstances how our thoughts, behavior and conversation have directed our every move.

How would you feel if your favorite sports star was being interviewed before an important game and he/she said: We may not be good enough to win today … or … we aren’t working as a team lately? Would you expect the game to turn out favorably? Would you even watch the game?

How can we expect to do well if in the moments before we are put in the game or decide to get in the game, if we begin by saying these types of things about ourselves every day?

“What if Up Thinking” comes from the knowledge that “The Universe IS Pulling For You”. This is part of what Lynda Madden Dahl calls “Living A Safe Universe”.

Life mechanisms work as because of our connection to God / All That Is / The Universe, whatever you personally call this. I believe that when we trust this connection, “The Magic of Life” will begin to show up more often in our lives.

I said before that doubt and worry are a misuse of our imagination. I believe we can choose to see things going bad or we can choose to visualize things going well for us. Personally I choose to visualize good outcomes, even in the heat of the battle.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell

Is the world coming to an end?

Personally … I do not think so.

Are you allowing the media and the news channels to put fear and doubt and worry in your mind every day? Do you worry every day about what MAY happen next … trying to take measures to insure this or that doesn’t happen … or doesn’t happen again? Or … are you imagining good things happening? Are you … “Visualizing” … good things happening?

I read somewhere that over 90 percent of what we worry about will never happen but we are all trying to prevent anything from happening. Well I believe that Bruce Lee was right, he said, and I am paraphrasing here, that most marshal arts teachings are so strict and so structured that they leave out the natural fluid nature of the fight. We try to structure our lives in an effort to control everything … and we miss out on the natural discipline of mature spontaneity. Knowing what is right and wrong and then choosing spontaneously the right path. If we believe in ourselves we will make better choices and better choices and better choices … leading us to a more fulfilled life and a path of winning.

Do you take responsibility for your own life … every day? Or do you blame others for your problems? Can you handle this responsibility?

Well … truth is … who are you going to blame? The media would lead us down a self destructive path and make us believe that all is lost and that the government or your neighbor or SOMEBODY, other than yourself, is to blame.

What you believe to be true … will in all probability … be true for you. And when the self fulfilling prophecy comes true you can say … see … I knew that would happen.

If you have read the Bible you probably recall what Job said. “For the thing I feared has overtaken me, and what I dreaded has befallen me”.
What about this one … “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. I am not talking about religion here. I am talking about how our belief system works according to every great thinker. What we believe to be true, usually will end up being true. Think you are sick and you will inevitably get sick.

I like what W. Clement Stone told me to say to myself every morning. By the way he married his high school sweetheart in 1923 and they were still married when he passed away in 2002. He lived to over 100 years old and was also wealthy when he died. He instructed me to say it several times in a loud voice while standing in front of a mirror:
“I FEEEEL HEALTHY … I FEEEEEL HAPPY … I FEEEEEL TERRRRRIFIC”! You know what … I have always chosen to believe him.

Wow…What do you think? Should we use our imagination for good rather than bad thoughts? Of course we should. I read a great line the other day while walking through an open house, ”Worry, Fear and Doubt are the misuse of our imagination”. Worry, fear, doubt and any feeling of unworthiness causes us to make choices that lead us down the wrong road. We actually have the choice we can make in either direction but we have to be aware of the choice and then consciously make it.

All we have are our choices and they lead us to our behavior. And you … like me … know that behavior creates EVERYTHING in our lives. Let’s picture good things happening instead.

The Bible is not a book of despair but a book of hope. You may recall this line “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Now put that to the test with this question: what do you believe to be true in your life? How do you see the world?

My belief is that we are here to learn how our energies and emotion coupled with our imagination actually creates our lives. Become aware of how life actually works … after all … this is why we are here.

Pay attention in your mind to every little thank you, every time someone let you into traffic, every time someone opened a door, every time someone did something kind, just being polite … every loan approved … every raise someone received … EVERY EVERYTHING. Think about this: do you do a kind act at least 1 time per day … just one thank you or just one door opened, or maybe you pick up a sandwich for someone else when you go for lunch, just one anything nice.

Now … multiply that by everyone on the planet … (as of 2020 it is estimated to be 7.8 billion) Now extrapolate that out for just one year … that comes to … let me see … oh yes … here it is: 2,774,000,000,000.

Let me say that out loud so I can really get it:

In just one year, one nice act per day by each person on the planet comes to Two Trillion, Seven Hundred and Seventy Four Billion, nice things that happen.. In just one year. That’s just one nice act per day. Even the so called Bad Guys do nice things for their buddies once in a while. I’m not even including all the nice things that animals do for each other daily. Feeding their young, taking care of them. If you really think about it the planet is built and is maintained on love. This is where we need to be. Want me to stretch the numbers out to two years or ten years?

You may be saying … OK … No need … we all get it. You are going way overboard now!

So .. How many nice things do you do every day? One … two … multiple?

Now subtract every bad event you saw or heard through the news including the number of people involved.

Even if you do this for every bad thing that happens around the entire world, the difference in the numbers is staggering … there are many – many – many – many – many more good things that happen than bad things.

The news makes you crazy insane over their major focus of the world getting worse on the way to coming to an end. Waaaaaaaaaaaay more people are living a nice day than a horrible, life destructive, world ending day.

When you walk through your day – open your eyes and ears … open your life … to everything that is happening throughout your days. Sure, everyone has difficulties in addition to the good things. But if you keep in mind what the thought leaders of history have taught us,

“You create your own reality”. Our greatest power is the God given “Ability to choose” in everything we do. What choices have you made today that would have had a better outcome if you made another choice?

Ask yourself if you feel the fear spreading…


We can all wake up from the nightmare created by the media. negative friends or associates.
Believe this to be true …

we are living in the greatest time in history to have ever lived…
right now…
this decade…
this minute…
this instant.

Be aware of how great life is and it will feel that way.
Joy is something you deserve to experience EVERY DAY … ALL THE TIME.

I’m jus’ sayin’ … Russell


Release your brakes …….. and take off.

I believe “Optimistic Visualization” is the most important key to our life’s happiness, our life’s success.

Are you standing on the brink of what you visualize coming … with a feeling of impatience, doubt or unworthiness, or are you feeling an eager and hopeful anticipation for the future.

Unworthy comes in many packages – Who am I to think I can do that? I’ve never really done anything great so what makes me think I can now? I did something in the past that I do not feel good about and I am going to punish myself for it … forever.

Don’t feel crazy here. Everyone has made mistakes in the past. It’s how we feel about it that holds us back. Those bad emotions / feelings are like parking brakes on our life. We each have all these powerful innate abilities that we are yet to discover and I am suggesting that we release our emotional parking brakes.

We can punish ourselves forever, justifying our failure with a feeling of unworthiness, BUT, I believe we each have been given the gift of life in order to learn how to live it well. The way to begin doing this is to focus in our minds on the good that we want to happen.

No matter how bad things get, I believe living a happy life is better than not. I believe that living a happy life comes from ALWAYS maintaining a feeling of hope. Hope is what can keep your spirits high. No one wants to be around a sourpuss: (bad tempered or habitually sullen person).

Think about the people in your life who you love to be around because they make you feel better about yourself. I believe we should all try to feel better about ourselves … all the time … and help others feel good about themselves by being fun to be with too.
Girlfriend or boyfriend? Want to be around them when they are smiling, happy, fun loving? Go ahead … say it … YEEEES.

Why would anyone want to live this life being unhappy? I personally want to attract nothing but happiness into my life. Of course this is not easy … but … I WANT to always feel happy.

Zig Ziglar use to answer the phone with this (paraphrased): “Good morning. It’s a great day here at Ziglar Enterprises. How can I help you?”. The person on the other end of the phone asked him once, “Do you really always feel that good” and to this he responded with, “Noooooooo … but I Want toooo.”

Tony Robbins told me, and I am paraphrasing, “if you want to change the way you feel, get up and do something fun. Allow your day to unfold differently, positively. Physical motion … will change how you feel.”

Things may not always turn out the way we want them to but that should not stop us from visualizing better outcomes. One thing is for sure, worry and doubt will not help the situation come out better. We must visualize things turning out the way we want them to.

Can you imagine hearing your favorite football team interviews going like this: Well we aren’t sure we can win today. The quarterback is too good for us. I’m not feeling optimistic about today’s game. On and on …

Well … do you know anyone who has their own personal interview that sounds like that … every day? Anyone at all?

The key here is to be eagerly visualizing what you want to have happen in your life. We will do it for a football game … so why not start by saying to yourself: Horaaaaaay for ourside … Horaaaaaay for my side … I can win this thing … I can get the girl of my dreams … I can pass that test … I can do this!!!

With this attitude you will be amazed how many good things start happening in your life. Amazed!

You can change your response to the past and your feelings about it by re-visualizing the past … visualize the experience in a way that you would like for it to have unfolded.

Maybe the event didn’t unfold the way you wanted it to or in the best way possible, but if you can do this just before you go to sleep at night: clearly picture the experience as having unfolded in a different way, a better way, a way that you would like for the event to have happened.

You will be amazed to discover that you can literally change the way you feel about the event. The way we feel is what affects our thoughts and as I have said before, our thoughts create our behavior and behavior creates our life.

I know this to be true because I have done this many times. I have experienced the uplifting energy change, I have changed the way I feel so that I can get past … the past.

What are the benefits that automatically come with the good feelings? For most people, EVERYTHING gets better. Who wouldn’t want everything to feel better? It’s not what happened that matters as much as how we either react or how we respond to what happened. There is a big difference here.

In the medical field you do not want to experience a reaction to treatment, you want to hear the doctor tell your loved ones that you are beginning to respond well to the treatment.

When you feel better or at the very least have a smile on your face, then people want to be around you; your work goes better; your boss sees you in a better light. Want a raise? Do you believe that sourpuss is less likely to get that raise?

I believe we are not here just to accumulate stuff … although accumulation is part of life. I believe we are here primarily to learn how to use our energies and our intentions in a way that our lives unfold not by accident but more and more on purpose.
Want to take control of your life? Start with picturing better and better outcomes for yourself. Do this every day / every night.

I’m jus’ sayin’

Looking for love?

Part 1 of 2

When looking for love … how are you going about it?

Are you looking for sex or are you looking for romance, love and companionship … someone to love and someone to love you back?

My wife, Barbara, is a brilliant woman. She took a Dale Carnegie Course to meet guys. The question she asked herself: Who would be in a class like this? The answer came back: — probably upward mobile thinking people.

After meeting in the Dale Carnegie class we became friends and were friends for five years. Now … we have been married for 40+ years. We love many of the same things …I am primarily an Auditory person and Barbara is primarily a Visual person. We HEAR and SEE most things differently but in the end we agree on almost everything because we have learned to help the other understand our thinking.

Ever heard of NLP: (Neuro–Linguistic Programming)? I’m sure you’ve heard of the importance of building rapport or being on the same wavelength as anyone you want to get along with?

If you want to build rapport with someone, according to NLP, you should speak to them in their own language… or their own preference.

The most obvious example of this is speaking with someone who speaks in a foreign language … well speaking the same language means much more than this. Speaking the same language means what is their primary preference, are they using Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic words in their every day conversation.

If you start paying attention you will begin to see what I’m saying, hear what I’m saying, get what I’m saying.

A visual person’s experience of life is that they see pictures when they think and communicate with the world. An auditory person’s preference is that they talk in their head, or, even to themselves sometimes. A Kinesthetic preference manifests itself with a person NEEDING to get the right feel of things before proceeding. Do you get what I’m saying here? (kinesthetic)
You can build rapport much more quickly by speaking with anyone by using their own language, focusing on their primary preference.

Ever met someone that you seem to just hit it off with right away? It’s like you’ve known each other for a long time. Well…what words they are using? Very often you will find that when you are in the zone and just talking away, the words they use are the same words that you use, the same kind of language, visual, auditory or kinesthetic. The subject matter can be a shared interest for example … say you meet someone at a favorite sports event and still you do not hit it off due to language differences.

NLP dives into this communication skill from the beginning. Each of us uses all three of the references all the time: visual, auditory and kinesthetic (feeling). But each of us has a primary and a secondary preference. It’s important to learn what those preferences are and use them intelligently. You find over time that you begin doing this automatically and that you can make friends with just about anyone.

The only person that this won’t work with is a mis–matcher, someone that always has to be right and whatever you say…they say something that is the opposite just to contradict you so that they can be right, brilliant, on top things more than you. Most mis-matchers do this unconsciously, and it usually associated with a poor self-image. So keep in mind here that you won’t be able to communicate with everyone but you will be able to communicate with many more people than you use to.

You may already be a person with many friends. You are able to build rapport quickly with people. Pay attention to what you say and you’ll find that you get along with people well because you unconsciously know how to communicate the way that person communicates.

Visual examples: See what I mean…does that shine a light on it for you…turn on a light with you…how does this look to you…get the picture? Etc…

Auditory examples: Does that ring a bell with you, or I hear what you’re saying, or that doesn’t sound right, or would you repeat that, or would you say that again please, or listen to me, or do you hear what I’m saying? And so on…

Kinesthetic examples: It doesn’t feel right to me, or that’s uncomfortable to me, or I don’t want to get involved in that, or I am uneasy with that, or do you get it, or can you feel that?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the goal of all of this is manipulation but instead this is learning how to be truly open with someone so that the outcome can be better for both of you. Remember NLP is a win-win philosophy: “you want both sides to come out ahead in this communication. You sincerely want the very best for all involved”.

In the end with all the differences Barbara and I hear or see together, by learning to communicate early in our relationship using these types of skills, we became great friends first and everything else … love, sex, companionship, chores, responsibilities … everything … is awesome. We really get the Jerry McGuire phrase: “You complete me”.

So think about it … how are you going about it? Think about something you will enjoy doing and then get involved with doing that and the person you want to meet will probably be involved in the same thing. They will probably hear, or see or feel the same way you do.

Learn to build rapport with all of yourself. All of the references, not just your preferred method. Expand into using more Visual and Auditory and Kinesthetics and your will find your own life improving and you will find more joy in everyday because you will have expanded your senses of life.

You will feel more like you are living in “The Magic of Life”.

I’m jus’ sayin’

Where are you headed?

You will recall from history that there was a time when the world was flat and if you believed otherwise it was called nuts.

I would like to pose some questions along lines that I believe follow a path of growth toward possibilities of enlightenment.

Shouldn’t we all be seeking enlightenment, an expansion of our consciousness and our understanding of what life is?

Please remember these are ONLY QUESTIONS. Nothing to be afraid of here. After all, I would like to know the answer to this question: “How Big is our God, really?”

We try to humanize everything. We tend to see things only from our own position in reality. We want to give everything the same feelings that we have. We want to give everything a personality. Remember the famous comic writer Gary Larson and his series “The Far Side”. You get the picture.

The questions that follow will reach out further in an effort to open our thinking to the possibility that we are here for more than just living day to day and for more than just accumulating stuff. What’s the old saying, ”The one who dies with the most stuff wins.”? I don’t buy that.

When it comes to spirituality, I have read the bible several times and I have studied the bible in depth for years. I have read countless books on almost every subject that relates to Self Help, Spirituality, Management, Meditation, and the list goes on. I have given speeches in front of many people who were just like me, wanting to get in touch with a higher power that they could trust to be there when they asked for help. Well, after 71 years of living, my learning has taken me through many churches, many love offerings, and many different kinds teachings and doctrine.

What if what actually happens is this, “We create our own reality”?

What if we each have our own guardian angel that is actually a part of us, not separate. What if we are actually connected to “God/The Universe/All That Is”, whatever you choose to call this life giving energy? What if actually, we do live forever moving to other continual growth and understanding realities?

What if we are here in this physical reality for 1 reason … to learn how to use our energies in the proper way, to attract the realities we want? What if we are here to learn how we attract our personal reality and that the present moment is all we have to make things happen? What if we have to learn how to do this correctly before we can move on to another reality?

What if in order to completely learn “The Way”, when we die, we are reincarnated over and over until we have learned how to successfully attract what we intend, what is good and to gain a great understanding of the bible verse “As a man believes in his heart, so is he” kind of life.

Think about these words from here on, Love and Grace. What if our spirit chooses the circumstances we will be born into, before we are born, so that we can fulfill our learning process completely while in physical reality?

What if … this will catch you off guard … what if each time we are reincarnated we come back as a person of a different gender or even a different race. How fair would this kind of God be in his design of any Universe. Think of this: as we live our many lives … what if in our past we have been black, white, yellow, red, male, female … until we GET IT, until we get that we are all connected, that we are all the same. Love and Grace would reign. Peace would be the norm. How kool is a God/Universe Energy like this … to expose us to everything, to truly understand Love and Grace. This would all be for one reason, so that when we do move on, we are actually more like God/Universal Energy/Love … we understand…we are truly loving to ALL MANKIND, each and every person, each race, color and creed, male or female.

What does is mean to “BE” Grace and Love? Quantum Physics has determined that there may be many many other universes and realities. Just ask yourself: what if this is true? Doesn’t this sound more like an all powerful God, rather than seeing him through our limited thinking and the personal agendas we feel each day in this reality?

What if we are here to learn how to use our energy in the proper way. Not the way that someone else tells us to see reality, but the way of “Best Practices” when it comes to designing a Universe. What if everything does come to us through the “Law of Attraction”. The law that says “You attract into your life what you are in your heart”, what you believe, what you own “Emotionally”. How fair is this idea… take FULL responsibility for everything in our lives? There is no one to blame. It’s too easy to blame someone else or to blame circumstances for our problems. And yet it creates hardship on us if we do not understand how this actually works. How many bad choices have we made in learning how to find “The Way”, our path to true enlightenment?

As J. Martin Kohe wrote in his popular book: “Your Greatest Power” is our God Given power to choose at each moment, which direction or path to take. Every event we encounter along the way is a direct result of our own choices. If this is true then who or what can we blame when things go off the rails?

I believe that we do create our own reality. Check your perimeter, how was your day? Did you blame someone else for something that happened to you today or do you take responsibility for your life? Who in your life have you changed in order for you to be happy? Some people only complain…thinking that the world needs to change in order for them to be happy. Do you believe that the whole world has to change for you to be happy? You may want to rethink that.

I’m jus’ sayin’... Russell

What do you own in your life?

Watch what you say … it could change your life.

As I was saying, every day like the tide, we are experiencing situations that come at us all the time or … less frequently there are the “Surprise Situations, sort of like a sudden storm. Each of these need to be addressed but how do we handle them with grace. How do we complete regular tasks like our jobs, paying our bills, cleaning the house or washing our clothes simply and easily so we can Re-Engage with our “REAL” life … our Real living?

Often the things that are most important to us, like our significant other and our family, get neglected or just left behind because these Splashes take so much of our time and focus.

In our minds we are simply taking care of things in the name of taking care of our family. If this is true, then why are so many people relationships suffering?

The major bread winner is always working late. Someone has to take care of the children and see that all their needs are met in a way that makes them feel loved and cared for. Who cleans the house, pays the bills, takes out the garbage, cooks for the family? How do all of these Splashes of Reality get taken care of without taking us away from the people we love?

My question is this …

How do we get back to living the life we wanted at the beginning of this journey?

The answer is not simple and yet many people are actually engaged in living a wonderful life every day. The Splashes still occur and yet they can be handled in a way that everyone feels fulfilled.

We have to start asking ourselves these questions or the media will distract us into thinking that all is lost so we end up angry instead of happy.

I like what Lynda Madden Dahl talks about in her books “Living a Safe Universe”. She has written several books on the subject. This is the right direction we should be aiming our thoughts and our lives because, our beliefs and our values actually attract our stream of thought.

Since our thoughts are where we live and because the thoughts we have generate our actions and our behaviors, naturally our behavior creates our life. I know you see the connection here but not many people take this seriously. They don’t actively monitor their thoughts or for that matter they don’t monitor what they say and how they say it.

How do we improve our thoughts? I believe we start with being aware of the words we use most of the time. What we say will affect our energy.

If you experience a cold for example how are you thinking about it?

My cold” … “This cold” … “That cold” … Or even … “The cold” which makes it loom as bigger than life. Bah-buuuuuuuuum. Giant cold, danger, danger.

Subtle as is may seem, it makes a HUGE difference when you add up ALL of the negative Splashes that occur. Every time we take mental and emotional ownership of a negative situation in our lives, regardless of whether or not it is happening right now, this emotional ownership creates a connection to our overall well being.

You have heard the word disassociation probably. Well, the idea here is to emotionally “disassociate” or “distance” yourself emotionally from every negative thing in your life and to “Associate” or “bring it closer to” yourself with every positive situation in your life.

Think about these basic examples and how you FEEL when you think these words:

My cold is killing me … This cold is killing me … That cold is killing me.

My job is driving me crazy ….This job is driving me crazy …That job is driving me crazy.

I love this house … I love that house … I love My house.

Small changes … true … and yet each small change of wording is in itself very powerful. When you associate with any situation in your mind using “My” or “This” … you bring it closer. Believe me, you want to distance yourself from negative feelings by using a word like “That”, meaning the one over there, the one that is not close to me.

Plus you want to bring ALL those things that are desirable closer to you by choosing your words in a way that you automatically think and feel better about good things. When you think or speak words they DO affect you. They change, or better yet, they direct your subconscious, your feelings and your emotions.

Let’s say you have a house you love for example. When you tell yourself or someone else about it, what do you say? I love that house … or … do you say … I love this house or … I love my house? Pride of ownership. Think about the word “Ownership”. What do you emotionally own in your life? Do you take ownership of things that are good and bad, or do you take ownership of just the good. Focus on the good and let someone else own the bad.

The emotional ownership of our realities is hidden in the simple words we use everyday. We do no become what we perceive…”What We Perceive … Is What We Are

If you say “that’s a bunch of buh-low-knee” (actual spelling: bologna), well … check your perimeter. What’s actually going on every day with your life? Are you happy? Would you say you are “Living in The Magic of Life”?

I’m just sayin’.

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