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Russell and Barbara in the woods on the Biltmore House Property.

Russell Alan

Retired after 35 years in Finance and Healthcare Recruiting:

I come from a large Military family. Military families, as you may know, tend to move pretty often. Coming from a large family, I’m the oldest of seven kids, we all had to help out as best we could. When I was ten years old my mother would drive me to the woods where I shot mistletoe out of the trees with my BB gun and gathered holly to sell that day in front of our local grocery. Mom would drop me off at the Winn Dixie where I was “The Little Boy selling Mistletoe and Holly” at Christmas for $.25 a bunch. After I got my new three- speed bike I got a route selling TV guides. TV Guide … really? Yep. I started mowing lawns so I could buy the clothes “I” wanted for school. At 16 I was hit by a car from behind and spent several months in a cast up to my hip. What a trip that was in the 10th grade! Graduated from High School then started Jr. College and went for a while but money was short so I started working and have been working ever since.

MARRIED TO BARBARA for 40 years: Barbara and I met in a Dale Carnage Sales Course five years before we started dating. We were married by a friend/Notary Public while standing next to the water on the beach in Jacksonville, FL. Being happily married to Barbara for 40+ years has been my greatest success in life.

FINANCE – 25+ yrs: Branch Manager Banking – Started in one of the old mobile home style branches … very small … two tellers. Expanded the depositor base enough to have a “New Construction” office built for my branch. Mortgage Broker – back when mortgage rates were 17-18 percent – talk about a hard sell; Stock Broker – Top Ten production broker in a company with 1,500 brokers nationally; Corporate Motivational Speaker and Trainer traveling the U.S.; VP Commodity Futures Trading Company – expanded capital from one million to four million within first year.

HEALTHCARE RECRUITING – 15 yrs: Sr. Healthcare Recruiter for four years; Owner of Executive Nurse Recruiting Firm for 11+ years – placing high level Nurses in hospitals across the United States.

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