Feelings … vs. … Emotions

What if FEELINGS are the biological representation of emotions and EMOTIONS are the part of our spirit that we can direct with visualization. Feelings and Emotions are connected in a way that allows us to use them on purpose. Try this … you can change how you feel if you change your physical situation …Continue reading “Feelings … vs. … Emotions”

What’s it gonna take?

So … what do you think? What will it take for us to realize as a human race that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED? What kind of catalyst do we need to bring us all together? Movies portray Extinction Level Events, attacks on humanity as a whole, which always, at least in the movie, bring usContinue reading “What’s it gonna take?”

Is life unfair … or … simply experience?

Take a good look at the pictures above. See if you can feel the difference in energy when going from impatient and worried to happy and optimistic? What do you think the worried people above are picturing / visualizing? What do you think the others are thinking and feeling? Can we choose these at will?Continue reading “Is life unfair … or … simply experience?”

Is the world coming to an end?

Personally … I do not think so. Are you allowing the media and the news channels to put fear and doubt and worry in your mind every day? Do you worry every day about what MAY happen next … trying to take measures to insure this or that doesn’t happen … or doesn’t happen again?Continue reading “Is the world coming to an end?”

Release your brakes …….. and take off.

I believe “Optimistic Visualization” is the most important key to our life’s happiness, our life’s success. Are you standing on the brink of what you visualize coming … with a feeling of impatience, doubt or unworthiness, or are you feeling an eager and hopeful anticipation for the future. Unworthy comes in many packages – WhoContinue reading “Release your brakes …….. and take off.”

Looking for love?

Part 1 of 2 When looking for love … how are you going about it? Are you looking for sex or are you looking for romance, love and companionship … someone to love and someone to love you back? My wife, Barbara, is a brilliant woman. She took a Dale Carnegie Course to meet guys.Continue reading “Looking for love?”

Where are you headed?

You will recall from history that there was a time when the world was flat and if you believed otherwise it was called nuts. I would like to pose some questions along lines that I believe follow a path of growth toward possibilities of enlightenment. Shouldn’t we all be seeking enlightenment, an expansion of ourContinue reading “Where are you headed?”

What do you own in your life?

As I was saying, every day like the tide, we are experiencing situations that come at us all the time or … less frequently there are the “Surprise Situations, sort of like a sudden storm. Each of these need to be addressed but how do we handle them with grace. How do we complete regularContinue reading “What do you own in your life?”